Is this a good gaming monitor

Test: The best full HD gaming monitors (1080p) for PC gamers in comparison

Bernd Weeser-Krell

Gaming monitors with full HD resolution (1080p) are very popular with PC gamers and e-athletes: They are inexpensive, do not require an expensive high-end graphics card and achieve very high refresh rates. New in our large comparison test are two current models from Viewsonic and AOC, both with 32-inch panels.

Content of the comparison test

1080p gaming monitors are still the most popular models with most gamers - and e-athletes also appreciate the full HD resolution. No wonder, because the advantages are obvious: models that are fully sufficient for ambitious gamers and fast games are in some cases already available at low prices of less than 200 euros - such as the Price-performance winnerAOC 24G2U and ours Price tipPhilips 24E1GAJ. The two newly tested FHD gaming monitors AOC C32G2AE and Viewsonic VX3218-PC-MHD have large 32-inch panels and are also available for less than 300 euros attractive in price .