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Online website check

Analyze your websites anonymously and free of charge for errors, optimization potential & SEO.

Please enter a web address with http: // www. a, e.g.
Please note: The website check tools are currently in development stage (beta version). Sometimes there may still be errors in the display.

SEO & Page Check

We analyze the website for important SEO factors and speed, show the preview in the Google search and check other technical and content-related aspects for possible sources of error, which can be optimized - not only for search engines.

Free & anonymous

The website check is free, anonymous and without registration. We do not ask for any personal data. You simply enter the URL of the website that you want to check and you will receive a detailed overview of the website's optimization potential.

Website comparison

How well is your website positioned compared to others? In addition to the error analysis, we also tell you in an anonymous ranking in which position your website is comparatively. Just enter the URL and test it.

ATTENTION: Changes to the website check !!
In the course of the relaunch of our website, we also updated the website check.
All of our website analysis tools are now integrated into the larger website tool collection.
After entering a URL, you can now not only use the Website Check, but also all other free tools! Simply enter a URL above & have the website analyzed anonymously, free of charge and in a few moments.

More information about the website tool collection

This is how the website check works!

Simply enter the URL and have the website checked. The analysis usually only takes a few moments. After the check, you will automatically be taken to the overview page of the check, the dashboard.

Here you can find the total score, which shows the total number of points determined for the website. In addition, there is a detailed overview of important parts of the website, from structure to technology.

The ToDo list shows the urgency of the errors found and the ranking reflects the position of the website in comparison with other websites that have already been checked. The tabs on the left finally lead to more detailed information, from meta elements to the content of the page structure.

All entered URLs remain unpublished and anonymous.

Why a website check?

Our website check is intended to give you suggestions for improving your website so that it can be found by search engines in the future and displayed correctly by modern browsers.
Please note, however, that an online tool cannot replace the know-how of an expert.
However, the results of the analysis illuminate the technically evaluable aspects and can provide suggestions for optimization.

Website check knowledge & documentation

To help optimize your website, we have summarized and documented the most important areas of the website check - from meta elements to website configuration - again. Find out how websites are structured and how images are integrated and what the imprint obligation is all about - so that you can get even more out of your web projects.

Here you will find the overview Website Check Support - Knowledge & Documentation.

Website Check History & Updates

Our website check was created as an in-house project in 2014 and has grown continuously since then. Originally programmed as a little helper for our agency business, it quickly became clear that website analysis can be helpful for every website owner. After we made the website tool online & publicly available, not only the range of functions grew over time, but also the number of users.

Here you can find the detailed history of our website check & analysis tool.

What is checked

Meta elements

  • Doctype
  • Title & Description
  • Viewport configuration
  • Preview - Google Search
  • Robots
  • Inline CSS
  • Keywords
  • copyright
  • Audience
  • HTML long
  • Language
  • generator


  • Heading structure
  • Amount of text
  • Links (internal links + underscores)
  • Integration of imprint
  • Image sizes
  • Number of pictures
  • Alt tags of the images


  • Frameset
  • Amount of loaded script files
  • Script size (compression)
  • Style sheets
  • Tables
  • Analytics and fonts
  • advertising
  • Website size
  • Flash


  • Domain name (length)
  • Subdomain forwarding
  • Security (Secure Server)
  • PERFORMANCE (page load time)
  • Robots.txt (file found)
  • Sitemap (file found)

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