Who is Sasha Fierce

Sasha Fierce, the new black music diva from Houston, Texas, now has 733,000 Google entries. And if you have never heard of Ms. Fierce, you can get to know her at www.whoissashafierce.com (“Who is Sasha Fierce?”). There the visitors will also find out what makes the beautiful Sasha so incomparable: she doesn't exist! Beyoncé Knowles, 27, ten-time Grammy winner, has Sasha Fierce as an alter ego for her new double album I am ... Sasha Fierce invented, which will be released this Friday. Beyoncé sings on one CD - Sasha on the other. And the fans get two divas for the price of one ... Miss Knowles, ex-singer of the famous R&B girl group Destiny’s Child, has come up with an exciting concept for her third solo album. CD 1, the Beyoncé record, contains only ballads - “the songs should show who I really am, under all the make-up”. On CD 2 she lets it hum as Sasha Fierce (German: wild) on the other hand, with full hip-hop and dance floor tracks. “She's the other side of me. Sasha wants to have fun, she is a party girl. I created her to protect my real person, ”Beyoncé explains.

Unfortunately, the music doesn't quite keep up with the ambitious idea - despite a strong start. The advance single If I were a boy is a wonderfully campfire ballad with acoustic guitar, which Beyoncé's splendid voice perfectly displays. The second song Halo sounds even better, a shred of goosebumps with a thick beat. The rest of the ballads, on the other hand, do not sparkle as brightly, are too sugary (insulin alarm at Ave Maria!) and sometimes even bland. Sasha delivers party pounders from Timbaland, classic hip-hop (Diva), electronic (radio) and Madonna-Pop (Sweet Dreams). Everything is pretty nice - but Beyoncé and Sasha don't quite get to the musical dream duo.

Jörg Heinrich

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