How can I chop garlic

Should you press or cut garlic?

Those who cook with dried garlic can press or cut the cloves. Which method you prefer depends primarily on your personal taste.

When you press the garlic, the cloves give off a particularly intense aroma - many find it too spicy. The garlic aroma is so dominant because when you press it through the garlic press, a lot of the juice escapes, while large parts of the pulp remain in the press. If this is not desired, you should use a garlic press with particularly sharp perforated edges. They ensure that more of the pulp remains intact and therefore less juice escapes.

If you do not have such a kitchen utensil, it is better to cut the cloves into thin slices or small cubes for a milder garlic aroma. Or chop finely as in our garlic butter recipe. Use a sharp knife for this so that no juice escapes and the toe can be processed more easily and delicately.

Regardless of whether you press or cut the garlic, the following applies to both methods: Remove the centerpiece of the toes, which is often green in color. It makes the garlic bitter. Finally, if you want to fry the toes, be careful not to let them get too dark. The garlic then also tastes very bitter to pungent hot. Like onions, it should only be slightly glassy and hardly discolour.

If you want to cook the whole cloves, for example on a baking tray with baked potatoes, you don't have to peel the garlic beforehand. The pulp becomes soft during the cooking process and can be pushed out of the shell afterwards. During this time it took on a very mild taste. So that the cloves give off a more intense aroma to the surrounding food, you can lightly press the garlic cloves with the back of a large kitchen knife and place them on the tray.

Such pressed toes are also suitable as a flavoring agent when searing meat - in this case, however, you should peel the garlic so that the peel does not burn. Fresh garlic is also particularly suitable for this purpose: you don't even have to squeeze out the bulbs. Simply cut the tuber whole into slices and fry them.