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MBA study abroad

In many companies in a wide variety of industries today, job applicants are expected to speak at least one foreign language, in most cases of course English. In addition, the job candidates also score with a note on their résumé that they have already had international experience. This becomes all the more important if you not only gain experience through a job abroad, but especially if you have completed a degree abroad.

The advantages of such a degree are obvious: A stay abroad brings a student together with foreign people and cultures and also optimizes the use of the respective language.

Anyone planning to study abroad should be well organized

Depending on the school and study program, there is either the option of only completing one or two semesters abroad or even finishing the course on site. In any case, issues such as appropriate health insurance, the different entry regulations and study financing are to be considered. As far as the latter is concerned, it pays to get information about possible scholarships, preferably as soon as possible, as there are often very many applicants for a few scholarships. When choosing to study abroad, it is also important to pay attention to the respective degree and its (international) recognition.

MBA courses with an integrated stay abroad

In some study programs, a temporarily limited stay abroad is included and compulsory. In these cases, the schools offering such programs provide support with regard to the administrative organization, and there are usually precise rules for recognizing the study courses attended abroad. Currently, the demand is often greater than the supply of such integrated courses, which means that students have to plan their studies abroad themselves. If you want to find out about integrated courses of study offered by German schools, you should visit the website of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), where there is a wealth of information on scholarships, studies and countries.

Very good knowledge of English is an important criterion

Even if you decide to study in Austria or Switzerland, it is essential to have an excellent command of the English language. Many or even all of the seminars are the common language of instruction in these two countries. In order to be admitted to an MBA course, participation in the TOEFL test is required, the results of which are used as admission criteria. TOEFL stands for Test of English as Foreign Language and this is carried out under standardized conditions. Full details about the TOEFL can be found here.

Mandatory and optional when studying abroad

While a stay abroad is compulsory today during a degree, it is up to the individual to decide whether to choose a semester abroad or an internship abroad. However, it should not be overlooked that many companies prefer applicants who have gained a wide range of experience through a long stay abroad and who have demonstrated mental agility and organizational talent through studying abroad. In addition to the fact that companies now take international experience as a matter of course, a semester abroad always brings plus points for an application.

When the decision to study abroad has been made

If you have decided to complete your MBA abroad, you will also have to research what requirements have to be met in which country and what you have to take into account in the preparations. If a particular country has been chosen, the first priority is to apply quickly for a place at the university. Below you will find a few country examples with additional information.

MBA studies in the Netherlands

Due to its proximity to Germany, many German students who want to study abroad are drawn to the Netherlands, where interesting universities and lively student cities are waiting for them. The various study programs are unique and some of them can even be attended without specific admission requirements. Another advantage is that the drop-out rates are low, the student support is good and the equipment is modern. Furthermore, the international orientation of the various study programs has proven to be a good basis for a personal career path.

MBA studies in Austria

In the Alpine republic, students at 30 Austrian universities, private universities and business schools can choose from numerous MBA programs. Studying an MBA offers the combined transfer and application of current specialist knowledge and practice-oriented methods. Austrian MBA courses often combine full and part-time courses that can be nationally and internationally accredited. There are currently several state and four private universities with accredited MBA programs.

MBA studies in Switzerland

Selected universities, colleges, technical colleges and business schools offer various MBA courses. There are study programs for full-time, part-time and distance learning, some of which can be attended while working. As a rule, an MBA course in Switzerland lasts around 18 months and has a strong practical relevance based on close cooperation between the schools and commercial enterprises. An MBA degree obtained in Switzerland is recognized at home and abroad and usually enables very good career entry and promotion opportunities nationally and internationally.

MBA studies in the USA

The Master of Business Administration course has its roots in the USA and therefore has a long tradition there. For many years the USA was considered "the place to be" for MBA students. Current rankings show, however, that the MBA has not only caught up in European schools there, but has now occupied many top places. The reason for this is the fact that MBA programs in the USA are often heavily focused on the American market and its economy and are increasingly losing international recognition. Nevertheless, the admission criteria in the USA are still very high. To increase the chances of admission to an American business school, so-called pre-MBA programs are offered, which prepare specifically for the GMAT and TOEFL language test and so-called study skills. You can find detailed information on the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) here and on the TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language) here.

MBA studies in Great Britain

Many British business schools occupy the top positions in international rankings. The MBA programs are usually more tailored to the European market and are based on European leadership styles, management methods and corporate cultures. At the same time, diverse exchange programs and partnerships ensure internationality, transfer and the best foreign language skills. In the UK, an MBA takes an average of 13 months due to a longer first degree in European countries. As in many other European countries, an MBA course in the UK is viewed more as additional training than as a final part of academic training.

MBA degree in Canada

Most of the big cities have universities with good MBA programs, which European students like to attend. Canadian business schools are known for their above-average internationality among graduates and are often represented in current rankings. Many business schools teach on the basis of the US model, which offers two-year programs with exchange opportunities and summer internships. Only a few of the business schools are based on the European model. The programs typically last between 12 to 24 months. MBA degrees that can be earned in Canada are known and recognized internationally and are of a high standard.

MBA studies in Australia

Australia is a recommendable alternative to the classic destinations for studying abroad such as the USA, Great Britain or Canada. Those who study here benefit from good supervision and the high level of research and teaching. There are many Australian universities that offer high-quality and challenging MBA programs and are rated as attractive by students from Germany. No wonder, because even during their studies, international students are constantly given special support and support. An additional plus point is that an MBA course in Australia costs significantly less than, for example, in the USA. In Australia you can currently choose from over 80 recognized MBA programs, most of which are structured like the US courses and are very tightly organized. Against this background, a one-year MBA course is often not uncommon.

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