A change to another university is recommended

Humboldt University of Berlin - Institute for Social Sciences

Recognition of studies and examinations:

Coursework and examinations that have been achieved in other subjects or at other universities can be recognized for studying in courses of study at the Institute for Social Sciences if they fit thematically into the modules offered here and the performance requirements are equivalent.

This applies in particular to the recognition of achievements

  • when changing from another university and / or another course of study to a higher subject semester
  • from studying abroad
  • of performance records that were provided in exceptional cases at other (Berlin) universities.

In principle, no more than 50% of the study and examination achievements can be achieved and recognized elsewhere. In addition, you must have been enrolled at HU for at least 1 semester in order to be able to register for the final exams. If you are enrolled in a social science course at HU, you cannot usually take exams at other universities (with the exception of studying abroad).

At the Change from another course of study and / or another universityat least 30 credit points must have been acquired. The examination then takes place after the application (i.e. at the beginning of the semester of study entry at the HU through Prof. Dr. Lohr) on the basis of the existing transcripts or transcripts. This recognition only makes sense if all achievements from the previous course can be proven (i.e. all certificates of achievement or the overview of achievements are completely available). The assignment to the modules in the study and examination regulations of the respective social science course and the recognition of the achievements then takes place.

In the case of the Study abroad and the visit of Events at other universities It is advisable to ask whether recognition is possible before the service is provided. Students who are studying abroad as part of programs (e.g. Erasmus) should agree on a "Learning Agreement" at the latest when they start their studies (link study abroad / form).

Confirmations of recognized study and examination achievements must be submitted to the examination office promptly after recognition, as these must be recorded in the examination administration system.

Recognition is usually carried out by Prof. Lohr on behalf of the examination board. Recognition in the module Job-related additional qualifications (internships and courses) are taken over by Dr. Nagelschmidt (not when changing from other universities).

In cases of doubt and objections by the students, the decision is made by the examination board.

Change from old to new study and examination regulations:

The following procedure applies to students who want to switch to the 2014 StPO:

  1. A written application (see form) and an up-to-date performance overview from AGNES and any performance records and certificates of final module exams that have not yet been posted there must be submitted to Ms. Lohr.
  2. In accordance with the recognition rules set by the examination board, the academic advisory service will transfer or recognize the previously completed study achievements. This is documented and handed over to the examination office.
  3. The examination office will rebook the services.
  4. Objections to recognition or non-recognition must be made in writing to the examination board.

It is recommended that you carefully consider changing the study and examination regulations before applying and, if necessary, seek advice beforehand, as the change is irrevocable.

Enclosed you will find important documents for changing the study and examination regulations:

The form for changing the study and examination regulations as a PDF