Blowjob is taboo

5 things women hate having oral sex

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Oral intercourse is pure enjoyment for women and men ... but only if they are the recipient. Blowjobs often turn out to be hard work with real inconvenience. Dear men: Please read along carefully now, because we women do not like these things at all during oral sex!

Pftz, tft, argh, chchch: Noises women make when they have hair in their mouth and throat. Intimate shaving is the keyword here, dear men, because pubic hair doesn't taste good at all. And if you don't want to bare your penis completely, you can trim it too. * We are grateful for every millimeter! And to be honest: How sexy do you really find it when the woman interrupts the blow job, lifts her head and touches her tongue with pointed fingers? Yes, that's how it works.

Our petite little mouths are just not designed for something like oral sex. Always keep your mouth half open, try to get your teeth out of your mouth and your tongue into play and then up and down, please, with pleasure, he should think that there is nothing better than sucking on his thing. Quite a lot at once, right? A lock of the mouth is pre-programmed for every blow job, even if it is a small penis.

3. Visit to the cheese counter

"Hey baby, please put it in your mouth, it doesn't have to be long either" and she says: "Hmmm, when exactly was the last time you washed yourself downstairs? If it was more than two hours ago, why don't you leave go to the bathroom, honey! " Romantic right? But to be honest, with some men a whole wheel of cheese just sits around the glans every now and then and that really doesn't have to be the case. Dear men: Please always wash downwards * if you are looking for oral pleasure!

4. And? Do we have it then?

Your mouth becomes dry, you slowly get dizzy from all the ups and downs and he is still lying there, completely relaxed, enjoying what you are doing. There is still no trace of an orgasm. It’s all well and good if he wants to put it off as long as he can, but is anyone thinking of you here too? Obviously not! Mess! There are great sex toys * to give her fun at the same time, dear men.

5. A warning would be nice!

And then the time has come and you don't notice it when he says something like "Oh, I think I'm coming!" No, he'll shoot his load straight into your throat without warning. Thank you very much! There is nothing wrong with swallowing semen, but you should be able to prepare.

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