What do women think of bisexual men?

Men are only bisexual in their heads

Men who described themselves as bisexual reacted physically to either male or female stimuli, but never to both.

In contrast, the subjective arousal felt by the men corresponded exactly to the expected pattern, report Gerulf Rieger and his colleagues from Northwestern University in Toronto, Canada, in the journal "Psychological Science" (August issue).

Although bisexual behavior is relatively widespread, there is some debate among scientists as to whether there is a real bisexual tendency in which a person is just as aroused by male sexual stimuli as by female ones. Both Sigmund Freud and the sex researcher Alfred Kinsey were of the opinion that basically everyone is bisexual.

More recent studies, on the other hand, cast doubts about a real bisexual tendency. One of the theses: Many of the supposedly bisexual men are actually homosexual, but feel obliged to find women sexually attractive due to social pressure.

According to another theory, self-perceived bisexuality is only one stage in the search for actual sexual inclination, be it homosexual or heterosexual.

For the new study, the researchers led by Rieger showed 30 heterosexual, 33 bisexual and 38 homosexual men videos in which either two women or two men were seen having sex. The test subjects were asked to indicate how much they felt aroused by the representations, while the researchers measured the physical arousal at the same time using a measuring cuff around the penis.

The result: Although all bisexual men felt aroused by both stimuli, they only physically responded to one of the two. For most of them it was the masculine representation, but some responded to the feminine one as well.

The researchers suggest that perceived bisexuality is based on an overinterpretation of the sexual attractiveness of a gender and not on actual sexual orientation.