Which song has not aged well

Lykke Li in the Astra : Very sexy and pretty sad

The concert ends with the artist saying that she is sorry that she doesn't have more hits, that is, because she has actually played her only hit as the last song on the regular set and is now playing one song as an encore must that wasn't a hit. And after singing that first encore (“Last Piece”), she says she's bored with her own songs, so much so that she'd rather cover a song. And then she covers Usher's 2001 “U Got It Bad”, and this cover fits her concert much better than her biggest, only hit “I Follow Rivers”. Precisely because she doesn't play it in her version, but in the steel drum version of DJ The Magician. In this arrangement the song was a world hit. The tropical house reminiscences of the early decade have not aged well. They sound like large discos, but that's not the feeling Lykke Li wants to convey.

The Swedish singer lives in California. She turned away from her guitar-based, sad indie pop with her album “So Sad, So Sexy” to make something that sounds like a shiny black, Californian latex garbage bag full of green banknotes and grass. Synths boom like engine noises. She sings about "Sex", "Money" and "Feelings" ", about being a" Bad Woman "because:" Feelings die ", feelings die.

Joints are given by the audience

To convey the mood of the capitalist coldness of the heart in the blazing California sun, she wears a shiny black, cropped latex ensemble, with an oversized jacket, a greasy pot cut and a metal chain-like chain around her neck. She looks like a boy band member in the nineties. She dances like that too. Emphasize the knees and keep gliding along your own body with the hand that is not microphoned.

"I hope you get stoned, drunk and sexy tonight," she says. And shortly before she starts “Jaguars in the Air”, the smell of grass is clearly in the air of the Astra. “Where did that come from?” She asks, and then you hand her two joints from the audience up front. She pulls on it and then sings, very sexy, but overall rather sad. Just like someone who doesn't like his own songs that much anymore and is now covering Usher from 2001.

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