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Free electricity filling station

You can find them in front of the CITTI-PARK two charging stations for a total of six electric cars!

Charge your e-carduring the opening hours of CITTI-PARK free on.

How to start the charging process:

1. Charging via the Stadtwerke's "stromfahrer" app (with registration) - this app belongs to the Stadtwerke Kiel. You can use it to refuel at all Stadtwerke charging stations, and here at CITTI-PARK, it's still free of charge. Simply download the app, register with your data, select the charging point on the map or start the charging process via the menu item "Direct charging" via QR code or NFC function.

2. Spontaneous charging via direct payment - Simply scan the QR code on the charging station or use the NFC function on your smartphone and follow the instructions on the smartphone - you will not incur any costs here either.

3. Loan cards exclusively for customers of the CITTI-PARK Kiel: You can get these for a deposit (identity card) without saving your data for one-time loading at the information desk of the CITTI market. This card will be returned to the information desk of the CITTI store after the loading process has ended. These fuel cards actually only work exclusively at our charging stations.

You can return your old fuel card directly to the information desk at the CITTI store and in future use one of the three new options for your next charging process with us.

opening hours
Mon - Sat:
7.30 a.m. - 8.30 p.m.
7.30 a.m. - 10.30 p.m.