What do English majors learn

Translation & Definition

major: important, mainly, important
a major: a major, a commander

UK: My grandfather was a major in the army.
US: We have a major problem on board the airplane: snakes.


  • "Secondly, I have met with all of our major clients to let them know about Bruno's leave of absence."
  • "Major exports of Sweden?"
  • "Boston was also the site of several major events during the American revolution including the Boston Massacre, the battle of Bunker Hill as well as the Boston Tea Party."
  • "However, it was also a year of revolution, where social networks changed the way we remove dictators and riot in major cities."
  • "That was a summary of the major events of the last month."
  • "Bruno: Horatio, show me all of Delavigne's major perfumes from the last 10 years."
  • "Subject: Major prospective investor to visit offices next Tuesday"
  • "Next Tuesday at 3:45, we will be receiving a visit from Lucie M Lohan, heiress to the Lohan fortune and a prospective investor with major connections."
  • "Bruno: I think Bernie Siegelman would agree with me that your lavish lifestyle has become a major problem."

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