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Is appearance really that important, or how can you be attractive?

I've been thinking for a long time about how to captivate readers. What kind of article is exciting and interesting? It's summer here. That means warmth, sun, water and of course summer love. Yes! That's an interesting idea - boys, girls, and of course relationships!

Do you also constantly torment yourself because you have no love? Do you think that you are too below average and there is no point in trying to meet a girl here. Appearance isn't everything. You don't gain attraction with it. Let me explain that in more detail. Being attractive and being attractive are two different things. There's a lot more to the word "attractiveness" than just being attractive. That you have a beautiful face and that the girl likes you does not mean that you are attractive. The attractiveness costs a lot of toil, sweat and effort. So what's the appeal? This question has already been answered. "How can you dress the girl naturally without a lot of money, fast cars and a sporty figure and Italian appearance?" The author of this quote, blog and book - Michal Kopecký - tells us more about this topic.

It all started when you were a boy (or: young man) like us. What kind of problem did you have?

I'm still a young boy like you (laughs). In my teens, I wasn't a very attractive guy - physically and visually. Too big, emaciated. blond with blue eyes. Yes, I was attractive to some girls, but the majority want such handsome and dark guys ... an Italian, latino man. For example Peter (photo model). I came to terms with it, so I was always just a friend, not confident, introverted and not very good for girls. This did not create complexes, but it did add to them
Attitude that I wasn't self-confident and that I don't trust myself with girls. I just had a lot of expectations and thought that something more could come of it.

When does the time come when you have said to yourself “Enough!” And you have decided to do something? Was it easy or very difficult?

I was in love with my best friend, but she loved my best friend. It took almost two years. For me it was a deep wound. That was the moment when I said to myself “and enough!”. I understood that I can't be interested in a girl that long. After that, about two years later, I started getting to know women, going on a date, and writing with them ... During that time, I met maybe a hundred women. I went on a date but it didn't work out several times. So my answer to your question is: NO, it didn't go from day to day, it didn't go like a child's play, it wasn't easy and it took a lot of hard work. There have been a lot of failures, mistakes and no second chances. I needed to understand what I did wrong, which would bring me closer to a result with every next date: kissing, sex or something other than just being friends, having a shoulder to cry on, or trying a girl.

Based on your experiences and recommendations from your friends, you decided to start a blog. How did you start this blog? What do people think about this blog today because this topic is completely taboo for many people. Are you not frowned upon?

How did I start this blog? Yes, with the fact that I met a lot of women and many of them were my friends. I wasn't a threat to them and they talked to me about everything, so I also got a glimpse from the world of women. I got to know a lot of ideas, “know-how” and theories. I found out what girls find attractive in boys. Then I noticed that not only I, but many other guys, my friends and acquaintances had similar problems as I did. So I started to advise and recommend them. When I saw that it worked just fine, I wanted to get it out there on a massive scale. At first I started a blog and wrote the articles anonymously because I was afraid what my friends would say if they noticed that I, a boy who was a virgin until 22, who did not have many wives, wanted to advise other men how to be more attractive. To be honest, I had a problem with that too. I met various reactions that I also meet today. Today I still have a lot of envious people, but that's part of my job. My opinion is that when you do something very well, you attract people who love you and also those who hate you.

You wrote the book "Attraction". You wrote it in an incredible 10 days, so it took about 30-40 hours. Is there really such a big difference between being attractive and being attractive?

Yes, and there is a big difference because ... I'll explain it with two examples. We, if we look at the girl, she could be attractive to us. Visually, sexually. We look at her, we have an erection, our pulse speeds up. Simply put, we look at her and we want to have children with her, sleep with her, have a relationship with her and that is that she is attractive to us. But it happens quite often that when the girl starts to speak, even though she is beautiful, we don't want her anymore. Conversely, if the girl looks at a boy, it doesn't matter. I have a lot of customers who look very attractive. They have a good figure, they are models, bodybuilders, they also have expensive cars, money, but when they start talking to the girl they are contrived, unnatural, they crawl the girls' bums and there is no attractiveness here, that I could call chemistry and charisma.

What do you think is the biggest mistake boys make when trying to attract a girl? But you said that too. They crawl up their butts ...

The big mistakes I see in boys when trying to win a girl over is that they immediately have certain expectations. Simply put, they are having fun with the girl and thinking that something more might follow. When they eliminate the expectations, the problems fade and even the attractiveness or chemistry can set in. They prove to have fun with them, they prove to be sexual, snappy, humorous ... Just based on that, the girl wants them to be. So the biggest problem, the big mistake, is that boys have expectations.

Then how can you naturally start a conversation with a totally unknown girl and how can you get rid of the fear of being addressed so as not to just be an eternal virgin hidden in the corner?

With the beer in hand and on the sofa in front of the TV, watching the girl from the distance and thinking how it could be (laughs)? The answer is already in the previous question because if the boy is afraid of being addressed and it is immediately for the reason that he is afraid of being rejected. I've learned and getting to know each other always works best by talking to any girl, forming a few sentences, and having no expectations. It's important: don't have any expectations. You don't expect to get their phone number, to sleep together or go on a date or anything else. Simply, you have fun with her, just as you have fun with your friends and classmates and do not expect anything and do not want anything. Then you are natural, then you are who you are and then you don't make any mistakes and then you don't need to be afraid that she will reject you.

On your blog you say that you quit school. You have decided to go your own way, to your dream and you make it come true. Was it a good decision to quit school and go some way?

Greetings to all students who will read these articles. I don't want to tell the students now: "Give up school and go my way." Or something like that. For me, up to a certain point, going to school was the best decision I made. But when I started learning outside of school (reading books - motivational literature, business literature, personal development) I found that school and this traditional school system is not what I want. It didn't make sense to me, it wasn't the road to my goal. I don't have a vision of a good job and good wages from my employer. I have a different passion, my calling. Before I started blogging, I tried four workstations. About four years after leaving school, I haven't been as successful as I am now. But I didn't give up because I knew what I wanted and how I wanted it. I knew I wanted to help people. I want to do something that I enjoy. And these jobs were about something ... The first was about finances, the next was about technology in the cars, the other was about working with the bazaars, creating websites. So completely different types and then I found myself that I want to help men to be more attractive and capable and to bring better experiences to the girls.

In the end, what is your advice for future women heroes who want to succeed thanks to your blog, book, and advice?

If I had to sum it up in one sentence, it would be: "Be a man and don't crawl the girls' bums!" That is the basis on which everything starts. Being happy and single, finding women, hobbies, activities and working on yourself - physically, mentally and personally. Increase your own worth and be the best in the big competition among men and then win the best woman.

We thank you for the interview and wish you continued success in your work helping men!