Blow up Melania Trump Donald's ego

Trump's madman blown with the wind

Topless: When boarding "Air Force One", Donald Trump's otherwise neatly draped hair is blown with the wind. An almost bald head is revealed under the concrete hairstyle.

Washington - “Beautiful hair is given to you. Give him love, give him care. Come and show it. Let it live ”(1981 shampoo advertisement).

That is the truth, the pure truth and nothing but the truth! The secret of Donald Trump's concrete hairstyle is out. When the 71-year-old climbed the gangway to "Air Force One", the Boeing 747-200 of the American President, on Wednesday (February 7) at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington, the turbine wind tossed his golden and egg yolk and elicited them dense mane the truth.

And lo and behold: beneath the opulent, luscious keratin splendor, there is a bald skull in many places, which fully justifies the name almost bald.

Trump has beautiful hair

“I don't wear a toupee,” Trump stresses again and again. The video, which was only 36 seconds long and which went viral on YouTube, at least proves that he did without such a tool that day.

Golden-reddish shimmering concrete hairstyle

“You have beautiful hair, that's probably because of the hairdryer. Where do you go to the hairdresser I have to go to that one too! ”(Party hit by Tim Toupet, covered by DSDS star Johanna:“ I have beautiful hair ”).

The hair is not just a tangled, more or less lush collection of horny threads made of creatine. They are an expression of a person's personality. Stylish figurehead of his ego and mirror of his soul life. Donald Trump's golden-reddish shimmering concrete hairstyle guarantees an indestructible hold in all political weather conditions. The intimidating message: resistance is futile.

Trump's skull is partially completely bald

In the recently published scandal book “Fire and Fury”, author Michael Wolff claims that Ivanka Trump (36), the president's daughter, is also gossiping about her father's hairstyle. According to the book, the upper part of his skull is completely bald, but all around the hair is still sprouting.

The individual steps of the hair stylist Trump afterwards: The hair would be "pulled upwards from all sides so that it meets in the center, then brushed backwards and fixed with hairspray".

Trump swears by cheap hair dye

Even how the peculiar orange hue of the President's head of hair comes about is detailed in the book. According to Wolff, this is also what the blonde Ivanka allegedly revealed several times to the amusement of her friends.

Wolff writes: “The color that it adds for a comedic effect comes from a product called 'Just For Men' - the longer it is applied, the darker it becomes. Trump's orange-blonde hair color is the result of his impatience. "" For men only "is a cheap grooming brand exclusively for men, which is sold in the USA for less than ten dollars (eight euros).

"Sandy Blond - Just For Men"

“Just For Men” is available in more than a dozen colors from “Sandy Blond” (Donald Trump's favorite) to “Jet Black”. During Trump's health check-up, his doctor announced that the president was taking a hair restorer.

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