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Employing refugees

Hire refugees - secure skilled workers

You can find out whether an applicant fits your company and your requirements, for example by doing an internship. The MYSKILLS test also provides information about existing knowledge and skills in advance. Many other measures facilitate entry into the labor market. Some of them are funded by the BA. If the specialist knowledge is not sufficient, there are numerous ways in which you can qualify the employees professionally. Further training, retraining and much more can also be funded.

Have you been looking for trainees for a long time and cannot find suitable applicants? Give refugees a chance to prove themselves. We support you with this too.

You have to be aware of that

If you want to hire refugees, there are a few things to consider. For example, recognized refugees, asylum seekers or tolerated persons have different residence status and are not always allowed to work immediately. In some cases you have to apply to the immigration authorities for employment in good time.

The employer service supports and mediates

Always by your side: the employer service of the employment agency in your region. He will inform you how you can employ refugees and help you find suitable applicants. Your employer service will advise you on funding opportunities and give you assistance and tips for successfully integrating the refugees in the company.

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