Can the blind buy guns in America?

Guns in the US

A man goes to the cinema and shoots There aroundyourself. Twelve people die, many are injured. The July 2012 Aurora rampage is not the first in a US city. Even so, hardly any about that Tightening of gun laws discussed - too powerful is probably the American one Gun lobby.

Even after one Bloodbath like in Aurora throbbing the arms industry on the right to own weapons and rejects legislative changes. According to American constitutional law, “the right of the people to own and bear arms must not be allowed impairedbecome. "And citizens use this right: According to a study in 2011, 47 percent of all households in the USA owned a weapon.

The further politician move to the center of powerthe weaker their opposition to the arms industry becomes. The Party affiliation does not matter. So spoke to himself for example Barack Obama before his time as president For the ban semi-automatic weapons and for a more detailed review of gun buyers out.

But it has happened since Obamas Taking office Nothing. Because he knows: who yourselfFor stricter gun laws strengthens, can not in the US score - and certainly not win a presidential election. The American mourn the victims bloody Shootings - and yet many do not want to exercise their basic right to own guns dispense. A political solution is far from in sight.


Rampage that - walking around and shooting with a weapon with the aim of killing as many people as possible

someone gets to something - someone can get something

someone shoots around - someone shoots a gun in all directions

Tightening that - here: the fact that something is being done more strictly

powerful - strong

Gun lobby, the - the representatives of the arms industry

Bloodbath, that - a crime in which very many people are killed and injured

someone insists on something - someone vigorously points out the validity of a rule

impairedbecome - be restricted

someone moves into the center of power - someone becomes more powerful; someone occupies a stronger position

Party affiliation, the - the fact which political party someone belongs to

someone speaks out for something - someone supports something

semi-automatic weapon that - a type of weapon that is more powerful and more dangerous than non-automatic weapons

Taking office, the - the time when someone starts working in his office

someone stands up for something - someone is fighting for something

score - here: make yourself popular

someonemourn - here: being sad about someone's death

bloody - violent; brutally

give up something - voluntarily not using something that one could actually have

somethingis far from in sight - it will be a long time before something happens

Questions about the text

1. In the US, gun ownership is ...

a) Allowed again soon.
b) still allowed.
c) now banned.

2. The ... some politicians become, the ... their resistance to the arms industry becomes.
a) more powerful ... weaker
b) weaker ... stronger
c) more powerful ... stronger

3. What solution is not correct? "Almost ... in the US owns / own a weapon."
a) every second household
b) half of all households
c) 47 households

4. Before his time as President, Obama ... made for a tightening of the gun laws ....
a) strong - x
b) yourself - strong
c) x - yourself strong

5. Other politicians have also… publicly advocated a ban on weapons….
a) pronounced - x
b) spoken - off
c) x - pronounced

Work order

What is your attitude towards weapons? Gather arguments for and against the right to own guns and discuss them in the group.

Authors: Christina Bergmann / Anne Gassen
Editor: Shirin Kasraeian