How do I download literature from PubMed

In order to find articles on various topics successfully, the following search strategies exist:

Search for keywords or keyword chains

Keywords are terms that are used to convey the content of a document. In contrast to keywords (e.g. from the book title), keywords are precise and uniform for all books and magazines. This is achieved by taking the terms from the German "Keyword Authority File" (SWD). References between different terms lead to the same result with differently worded search entries when using different keywords. In order to use a key word search efficiently, use terms from an index (= key word authority file) whenever possible. Here you will find information whether individual keywords or keyword chains exist. Keywords can be logically linked with OR or AND links. With OR, all media are found for which one of these keywords applies. AND only delivers results if all keywords apply. Keywords are sometimes also used by foreign databases and catalogs, e.g. in English-speaking countries: called "descriptor".


Search for keywords or keyword chains

Keywords are terms that appear in the title or abstract of an article. These can be researched in most online catalogs by entering the words you are looking for in the search window. The terms can be logically connected by AND or OR and then give corresponding search answers. In order to improve the search result, individual letters at the end of a keyword can be replaced by a placeholder, e.g. ulcus -> ulc * or ulc?


Where and how can I download a specific article on the Internet?

Articles can either be downloaded via online access. Public institutions or universities have online access to various journals. You can inquire in the "Electronic Journal Library (EZB)" whether your own university has access. If you do not have an online subscription, you unfortunately have to order the article or look for it in a library and copy it.


Can I also order book or newspaper articles on the Internet?

There are various literature delivery services (private and public) that copy articles and send them by email or post. A collection of web addresses can be found here.