Who was more powerful than Thanos or Wanda?

The new Thanos after Avengers 4: The next Marvel villain is hiding in WandaVision

The Marvel series WandaVision comes to an end in 3 episodes. And there is still no trace of a real villain. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that an unknown power is holding the strings and making Wanda's surreal sitcom reality of Westview possible.

There is good reason why the new MCU villain doesn't make an appearance until the end of WandaVision. Because the Avengers sitcom is just the beginning of one Marvel tetralogy, which is supposed to combine four films and series. We have two candidates in mind that could throw the MCU into chaos after Thanos.

Watch out, follow it potential spoilers:

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Secret Villain in WandaVision: The next MCU villain is hiding

WandaVision, Loki, Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange 2 are linked by a story about the multiverse. But do they all share a villain? Otherwise, from a dramaturgical point of view, it would make little sense to present an antagonist of the series shortly before the end. But will there even be one?

In the 6th episode at the latest it becomes clear that Wanda has control of her hex anomaly, but even darker forces are involved are. Why can't she remember how the hex came about? And who brought back her dead brother Pietro (from another dimension)?

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Our theory? Agneswho has not left Wanda's side since the beginning and is indirectly responsible for the rift between Wanda and Vision, is much more involved in the Westview situation than expected. Again and again the series scatters hints that Agnes is the well-known Marvel witch Agatha Harkness.

It would be an interesting twist since Agatha is an ally and mentor of Wanda in the comics. But is she really going to be angry or is her mysterious husband, Ralph, behind it all? It is possible that both Agnes and Wanda were only used and themselves the real opponent in the end disclosed. We have two favorites who might be the new Marvel villain.

MCU villain according to Thanos: The Marvel devil Mephisto unleashes the multiverse

The choice of the Marvel demon Mephisto being a new MCU villain is almost too obvious. In the comics, this is the Marvel version of the devil who takes advantage of human predicaments to achieve his goals. He himself rules over his own dimension, which he calls Hell, and is as old as the Infinity Stones.

Devil, demon and hell are terms that are consciously interspersed in WandaVision. In addition, Mephisto is firmly anchored in the comic book history of Wanda and plays a major role when it comes to the existence and fate of the little mini Avengers Billy and Tommy. Did Wanda literally make a pact with the devil?

If Mephisto was not behind the events from WandaVision, this would be it the largest red herringthat the MCU spawned so far. The fact that a portrait of the devil can be seen in the first trailer for the new Marvel series Loki fuels this theory immensely.

With the appearance of the first X-Men in the MCU, the multiverse heralds that different film universes will be connected in upcoming Marvel projects. The Collision of different realities could use Mephisto to wreak havoc and gain access to many more innocent souls. He can achieve this as a genius puller by manipulating numerous characters.

It would be not the first appearance of Mephistus in a Marvel project. He was already seen in the Ghost Rider films with Nicolas Cage and turned Johnny Blaze into a hell of a motorcyclist. The fact that a planned Ghost Rider series was canceled shortly before the start of WandaVision production could reinforce Marvel's MCU plans for Mephisto.

MCU villain after Thanos: Nightmare brings nightmarish prospects for the MCU

Of course, if Mephisto doesn't become the next big MCU villain, we've found a suitable alternative that some fans keep coming up with. Nightmare is also a Marvel demon with its own dimension.

He was considered a possible villain for Doctor Strange 2 some time ago. That was just a plan before director Scott Derrickson left the project and was replaced by Sam Raimi.

Nightmare is a demon and Ruler of the dream dimensionwho feeds on the energy of his dreaming victims and who Manipulate reality can. Imagine Marvel's Freddy Krueger. Wanda's sitcom daydream could be a very nutritious source of energy for Nightmare here.

The fact that the term nightmare has often been mentioned in WandaVision and that Wanda suffers from nightmarish zombie visions are further possible signs of Nightmare's demonic presence.

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WandaVision is said to serve as a direct prehistory to Doctor Strange 2: In the Multiverse of Madness, which in turn is connected to Spider-Man 3. Hence would be Nightmare as a matching MCU villain own, who is one of Doctor Strange's greatest comic counterparts.

As the title of Doctor Strange 2 suggests, Nightmare could escalate the multiverse, tap into more sources of food and become a Pulling the cord behind several upcoming multiverse stories reveal.

Whether infernal dimensions or dream realities: the Marvel multiverse not only enables X-Men and Spider-Man iterations in the MCU, but also paves the way for new ones interdimensional villains like Mephisto or Nightmare.

Which villain we have to fear next in the MCU, we will find out in the WandaVision finals at the latest. The 9th and final episode of WandaVision starts on March 5th, 2021 on Disney +.

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Who do you think will be WandaVision's real villain? Which demonic opponent would you rather see in the MCU?