Which marketing tactic is the most efficient

This is how you increase brand awareness faster

Knowing how to increase brand awareness is important if your company is to develop and exceed its full potential. By using a robust strategy that combines the best of digital marketing and the tactics you use to increase brand awareness, even small businesses can significantly increase brand awareness and recognition.

Starting with a brand awareness strategy that combines the best of all communication channels, any brand can dominate a market, appeal to potential customers, and promote products or services much more easily. If you're not sure which marketing tactics are best for building brand awareness, here's a detailed rundown of what it is, how to establish brand positioning, and how best to use a brand awareness strategy.

What is brand awareness?

Companies with strong branding are instantly recognizable. Think Starbucks, Coca-Cola, or Facebook. Potential customers recognize logos, slogans and products as soon as they see or hear them. While a small business may struggle to achieve this level of global brand awareness, a lot can be done to increase brand awareness in the minds of your target audience.

Brand awareness means that your customers know what you are doing, what to expect from you, and are buying from you instead of a competitor. In a consumer age where customers want to align with brands and gain experience with every interaction, increasing brand awareness is one of the most valuable marketing tactics available to businesses of all sizes.

The first step in increasing brand awareness

You can't build brand awareness if you don't have a defined brand. It can take time to build a strong brand, but that time is well spent. The key to stronger branding is staying consistent across all communication channels, from your social media platform to your printed marketing materials, to the booth designs and your website.

Often times, it's much easier to outsource to a branding agency to help with brand development. You can conduct a brand audit and draft a strategic branding policy document that will make brand growth a lot easier. Expressed in a simple way; Without a solid foundation, there is no way you can promote your brand. Once that's done, you can use the following marketing tactics to increase brand awareness.

How to Increase Brand Awareness with Referral Programs

Even the freshest entrepreneur will have some understanding of the importance of referral programs. They're useful because they reward existing customers while expanding your reach to potential customers. Referral programs will help you spread the word well beyond your friends and family! There are many guides available to help you get more out of your referral programs. However, the main points to keep in mind are:

● Ask for your recommendations when the time is right

● Offer high quality incentives

● Make the referral process as easy as possible

● Use your referred customers as your next level of referrer

What you offer as part of your referral program matters. Product discounts are useful, but options like custom promotional items or social gifts are valuable in building your brand awareness.

How to increase brand awareness with content marketing

One of the most important strategies for digital marketing, your blog posts, e-books and industry-relevant social media posts are vital to increasing brand awareness. Content makes it easier for potential customers to find you as a search engine will redirect them to your content when they need the product or service you are providing.

Blog posts are one of the most valuable marketing tactics, but you can increase brand reach even further by using guest posting. Post blog entries on other relevant blogs than your own, with links pointing to your own content. Write industry-leading content on a website you don't own and you'll have access to a whole new audience. Blog posts of all kinds help build brand awareness.

How to increase brand awareness with Company Swag

Branded promotional items are a marketing department's dream. These branded promotional items that you give out for free are far more valuable than you might think. When you give branded bluetooth speakers to your top customers, they don't just know that you appreciate them.

They also see your brand communication every time they listen to an album, and when they take that speaker to an event, others see it too. Even giving away free custom hats as gifts can be of more benefit than you might think. Give someone a free, comfortable, high quality hat and they'll wear it. Every time they do it, people will see it. This can go a lot further to increase brand awareness than you might think, and branded apparel and accessories are always an effective brand awareness strategy.

How to Increase Brand Awareness Using Social Media

It goes without saying that social platforms are one of the better resources for increasing brand awareness. If you can post content that is shared, all new prospects will see it. This is great news for your brand reach. However, you need to use a social media platform properly. Different social platforms require different marketing tactics.

You don't post on Instagram like you do on Twitter or LinkedIn. Focus your social media so that it is platform specific. You can also use additional social media marketing tactics like contests and freebies. Run a contest that encourages brand followers to create content for you (photos with your products are a great option), then open a poll on who is best. Drive engagement like likes and shares, and your brand reach can increase dramatically.

How to increase brand awareness with pro storytelling

Storytelling is one of the marketing tactics that has become increasingly important in recent years. Brand loyalty depends on making customers and prospects feel like they are part of your story. There are many easy-to-incorporate branding storytelling techniques into your marketing strategy, but going behind the scenes is one of the most valuable.

Showcase your Employee of the Month on Facebook, show teamwork behind the scenes on your Instagram story, and always use your brand's core values ​​to identify the best stories you can tell. Are you a cutting edge tech startup? Show your team how to attend product launches. Are you a hard working restaurant competing against global brands? Show your hard work and mark your underdog status. Every content marketer loves brand storytelling because it enables brand reinforcement while increasing brand awareness.

How to Increase Brand Awareness with Paid Social Ads

We've already talked about some of the best marketing tactics that can be used to build brand awareness on a social media platform. However, paid social ads need to be highlighted as they are one of the best ways to increase brand awareness. These paid social ads are great for smaller local businesses as they can be aimed at potential customers who live specifically in a particular location. You need to focus on the platforms your target audience uses the most, of course, but you can buy paid social ads on:

● Facebook

● Instagram

● Twitter

● Pinterest

● LinkedIn

● Snapchat

When it comes to the best digital marketing tactics, paid social is one of the most valuable ways to increase brand awareness.

How to increase brand awareness with remarketing

A remarketing campaign is very useful because not only does it reach the potential customers who have chosen not to buy now, but also because it makes your brand appear much bigger than it is. Remarketing is one of the best branding agency services that can be taken advantage of by serving targeted ads to potential customers who have already visited your website. If these customers haven't bought anything, they'll see your ads everywhere they go online and allow ads. Every blog, every web store, that's where you'll be.

Brand perception is an important component of brand awareness. By making potential customers feel like you are bigger than you and more trustworthy, they are more likely to take another look at your product pages. This can be a difficult brand awareness strategy to get right, but it can pay off with higher conversion rates and improved brand loyalty.

How to increase brand awareness with influencers

This is another way of using a social media platform to build brand awareness, but it is different from any other marketing tactic. Small businesses in particular are increasingly relying on social media influencers and have quickly become one of the best ways to increase brand awareness. You don't have to get high profile celebrities to showcase your product or service on their social pages.

Not only are they too expensive to warrant smaller brands, but they also don't have the impact you're looking for. Influencers who are already posting about your niche (or better yet, already about your brand) are the ones you are targeting. Nano influencers (usually with fewer than 1,000 followers) are the ones to be targeted because they have a real profile that they actually engage with. Your followers will know the influencer is showcasing your brand because they believe in it. In terms of marketing tactics, using nano influencers is also very inexpensive!

Knowing how to increase brand awareness can be anything that sets you apart from your competitors. In today's consumer-centric business world, proper branding can be the only difference between a failing and a growing business. Develop strong branding and use all marketing tactics available to you. Your brand can only get stronger.