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The 10 largest Facebook groups for real estate investments

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The answer is: On Facebook!

The social network is also enjoying increasing popularity when it comes to real estate investments and offers one of the most important platforms when it comes to exchanging knowledge. Lively discussions are taking place in the Facebook groups in particular, sales offers are sometimes made, but above all it is about mutual learning from one another and networking. We looked at the largest Facebook groups for real estate investors and evaluated how they have developed over the past three months based on their number of members. All analyzed groups have their focus on the subject of real estate as an investment, but with different emphases such as “Offmarket Deals” in the “Offmarket Real Estate” by Samet Evcil or the investment strategy “Fix and Flip” in the group of Oliver Fischer.

From the groups we know on Facebook, we have identified the 10 largest members (see graphic). If we missed a group, feel free to write it in the comments.

The 10 largest Facebook groups have a total of 77,200 members (as of April 28, 2020). By far the largest group is the “Immopreneur Real Estate Investment Community” by Thomas Knedel. Thomas Knedel has been in the real estate business since 1998 and has been dancing at many weddings since then. He is himself a real estate investor, book author and initiator and operator of the Immopreneur.de network and the Immopreneur Congress. His group is aimed at both active and prospective real estate investors. Inquiries about specific collaborations such as According to the group information, co-investments are particularly welcome.

The guys from Immocation are in second place. Marco Lücke and Stefan Loibl offer in their Facebook group and beyond, help with the purchase of an apartment as an investment. Beginners in particular can ask their questions here in order to better understand the basics and are happy to obtain a second opinion on a specific property or location before making a purchase decision

The “Real Estate Investement” group of real estate investor and finance broker Alexander Luhn, who regularly shares his expertise with his community and posts several videos on relevant topics, is also among the top 3.

Change in group size within the last 3 months

The number of members of the 10 largest real estate investment groups has grown considerably in the last 3 months. From a total of 68,362 members at the end of January, the absolute number rose by 8,838 new members to 77,200 members on April 28, 2020. This corresponds to a growth of a little over 11% and, in my opinion, is an indicator that more and more people are interested in real estate investments.

The newcomers and biggest winners

In the following two graphs, we take a look at which real estate investment groups recorded the greatest absolute and relative growth within the past 3 months.

Immocation, which is already the second largest Facebook group in the real estate investment sector, is the front runner in terms of absolute growth. The group “Kickstart Immobilien” by Alexander Lang, which was founded on February 14, 2020, is positioned just behind. Alexander bought his first property 2 years ago and is already financially independent with over 30 residential units. He published his knowledge of how he could achieve this in such a short time in his book "Kickstart Real Estate!" which is also the namesake of his Facebook group. The aforementioned off-market group from Samet Evcil is in third place with double-digit growth. Samet - longstanding project developer and longstanding real estate investor - has managed to build an impressively active group in which there is always a great deal of interaction and lively exchange.

If we look at the relative growth over the past three months, our graph is once again mixed up quite well. “Kickstart real estate” is of course up front, since it started from zero (for better readability of the graphic I have capped the percentage here to 250%). In second place is the Facebook group “We buy real estate from private customers Durch 2020 Challenge for high-flyers”. It has increased from 320 to 1,162 members. The main focus in this group is on buying real estate from private individuals. According to Gruppeninfo, "the point is not simply to find affordable real estate, but also to create a win-win situation for buyers and sellers." In third place is Öztas Ibrahim's “Fix & Flip Offmarket Real Estate” group, which - as the name suggests - is about the exchange of off-market real estate for “Fix and Flip”.

Finally, of course, there is our own group that we have left out of our analysis. In the ThinkImmo Community, we want to make our property search even smarter. Of course, we can only do this by learning from your feedback, suggestions for improvement and your criticism.

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