How do dermatologists remove blackheads

Blackheads - How To Get Rid Of Them!


Blackheads are also called Comedones designated. These are skin blemishes in the form of a blackish or white color Plug that clogs the opening of a sebum gland on the skin.

Especially on areas of skin rich in sebum, such as Forehead, nose or chin, blackheads are particularly common. Blackheads are harmless and primarily represent a cosmetic problem. Comedones are not only affected by young people, the annoying skin blemishes occur at any age.

Causes of Blackheads

Blackheads occur when the sebum produced in a sebum gland can no longer drain and the opening clogs. That happens either through a increased sebum production (Seborrhea) or one Cornification disorder of the skin (Hyperkeratosis), in which flakes of skin clog the sebum glands.

Especially Teenagers suffer from blackheads and other blemishes during puberty as it is caused by the Hormonal changes there is increased sebum production. As a result, the tallow no longer drain and accumulates in the duct of the sebum gland. Above a certain size, the pent-up sebum can be seen with the naked eye as a white-yellowish plug. The blackhead is then called "White head"Or closed blackhead designated.

With time the blackhead opens and turns black because the sebum in the air oxidized and mixes with melanin (the dark pigment of the skin) ("Black head"Or open blackhead).

In some cases you can also use Bacteria invade the sebum gland and lead to inflammation, causing purulent pimples and pustules arise. Every pimple starts out in a blackhead.

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Many people mistakenly believe that poor personal hygiene is the cause of blackheads. That is wrong and often leads even too much soap to the fact that the skin gets out of balance and blackheads arise. An unhealthy diet (too much sugar and too greasy) can contribute to the increased formation of skin blemishes, but it is not the only cause. However, a balanced and varied diet and sufficient water intake can detoxify the body and improve the complexion.

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What is the best way to remove blackheads?

There are a multitude of ways in which you can best remove the annoying blackheads. The black dots should, however not simply expressed with the fingers otherwise easy Pathogens invade the sebum gland can and become one infection to lead.

There are numerous products that are supposed to work against blackheads in pharmacies and drugstores. The selection ranges from:

  • Creams, masks and toners
  • to special devices like Comedo squeezer or Vacuum cups.
  • But there are also some Home remedies such as tea tree oil, healing clay or zinc ointmentthat help against blackheads.

Blackheads are best dealt with with a consistent and mild facial cleansing remove. For women in particular, it is important that they thoroughly remove make-up residues every evening before going to bed, otherwise clogged pores will result. Regular peelings support a clear complexion and work against blackheads.

If a blackhead is to be specifically removed, that helps Pores before treatment with a warm towel or a steam bath to to open. Then you can apply a cleansing mask or remove the blackhead with a device (vacuum suction device or comedone squeezer).

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Face mask against blackheads

Face masks are an effective remedy for blackheads. There has been a real hype around them lately black peel-off masks to remove blackheads. This mask contains Activated carbon or Mineral mud and serves the Deep cleansing of the skin. The paste is applied generously to the face or the desired area of ​​skin and then left to dry for about 30 minutes. Then the mask can simply be peeled off the skin. The blackheads stick to the mask and are simply pulled out of the skin when they are pulled off. Before buying, however, you should check the contents list of the mask checked for harmful substances that is particularly recommended when making purchases on the Internet. In addition, the mask is allowed not for acne or allergies can be applied.

You can also mix masks against blackheads yourself at home. An effective mask against blemishes is a mixture of Lemon juice, yogurt and honey. Alternatively, you can also make a paste Baking soda and water and apply this thickly to the face. After drying, the dried-on residues are washed off thoroughly. For the treatment or prevention of blackheads, it is recommended that the mask (no matter which one you choose) once or twice a week is applied.

Cosmetic devices for removing blackheads

The is specially designed to remove blackheads Comedo squeezer or also "Black Head Remover" called. This is a steel device that has a kind of loop at the front and a flat side at the back. Blackheads can be squeezed out with the flat side. The loop is used to remove mature pimples. The device works very well with a little practice, but you have to use it carefully. If you press too hard, it can quickly happen that the sebum is squeezed into the skin, becomes inflamed and the skin ends up looking even worse than before. The comedone squeezer must be used after each use cleaned and preferably with alcohol disinfected become.

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Blackhead vacuum sucker

Recently there have been special devices with which the removal of blackheads should be easy and hygienic. These are so-called blackhead suckers that Suck dirt and clogs out of the skin under vacuum should. Before use, the face is treated with a warm towel to open the pores. The devices work simply and relatively well. However, you must not vacuum for too long in the same place, otherwise it will too small bruises and burst veins can come. After use, the device should be thoroughly cleaned and possibly also disinfected in order to avoid infections the next time it is used.

"Blackhead Killer"

Certain remedies are considered to be "Blackhead killer". For example, a paste made from toothpaste and alcohol is said to work wonders and quickly free the clogged pores of blackheads. Of the use of such blackhead killers, however, is not advisedas it is often very aggressive mixtures acts that can damage the skin.

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Should I express it myself?

Blackheads should best be squeezed out with special comedone squeezers, otherwise bacteria can easily get into the skin and lead to inflamed pimples. In rare cases this can also result in a abscess arise. This is an encapsulated collection of pus that can lead to further complications (such as blood poisoning or a brain abscess). It is generally not advisable to squeeze blackheads with too much pressure, as this will also force inflammatory sebum into the surrounding tissue and cause inflammation.

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Blackheads in the "T-Zone"

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Blackheads on the nose

Blackheads are particularly common on the nose. In addition to the forehead and chin, the nose is one of the so-called T zone. These are areas of the facial skin in which a particularly large number of sebum glands occur. As a result, increased sebum is produced here and the skin pores clog more easily, which promotes the development of blackheads and other skin blemishes. The blackheads on the nose can be removed with special scrubs and creams.

The supposed blackheads on the nose are not always really such. Often blackheads with so-called Follicle filaments (Sebaceous filaments) mistaken. These are deposits in the pores that are harmless and should not be regarded as blemishes. In comparison, blackheads are much larger and usually appear individually on the face.

No annoying pimples form from follicle filaments, on the contrary: these deposits are important for the natural balance of the skin and the production of sebum.

Blackheads on the forehead

There are many sebum glands on the forehead, which can easily clog the pores. For this reason, blackheads often form on the forehead. So-called blackheads are particularly suitable here to eliminate blackheads on the forehead Anti-blackhead strips. It refers to adhesive stripsthat are applied to damp skin. After drying, the strips are removed and, ideally, the blackheads simply stick to them. In addition, dead skin cells are removed and the complexion is refined.

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Blackheads on the chin

The chin, along with the nose and forehead, is one of the sebum-rich T-zones on the face. The occurrence of blackheads is also favored when you look at yourself frequently drives his hands in the face. There are always on the hands bacteriano matter how often you wash your hands. Deep cleansing masks and wash lotions help remove the blemishes.

Symptoms of blackheads

Blackheads can be seen as small black or white spots that lie in the skin. Blackheads are harmless blemisheswhich in themselves have no disease value and are rarely associated with other symptoms. In some cases the blackheads can grow ignite and purulent ones are formed Pimples or papules. If the Pustules are severely inflamed, it may be that a small scar remains after it has healed.

However, skin blemishes and many blackheads can be difficult for those affected cosmetic problem represent. Teenagers and young adults in particular suffer from it and so can bad skin too mental health problems, one reducedSelf-esteem and even depressions to lead.

Diagnosing blackheads

Blackheads can usually be diagnosed at a glance. The characteristic black spots are usually harmless and people do not need to see a doctor because of it. In the case of a large number of or severely inflamed blackheads, a Dermatologist be visited, who determines by means of a visual diagnosis, if it is about acne acts.

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Duration of blackheads

In adolescents, blackheads usually go away without treatment or special removal. In severe cases, when a lot of blackheads have formed or inflammation has developed, the dermatologist can prescribe special ointments and washing lotions that quickly cause the blackheads to regress.

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