How do I learn to like museums

18 art

Gallery, -n (f.) - a place where art is shown

Drawing, -en (f.) - an image made up of strokes or lines

Sculpture, -en (f.) - Figures made of different materials such as B. metal, plastic, etc.

enrich - make something more valuable

to be able to do nothing with something - Colloquially: have no relation to something

Illustrated book (m.) - a book with pictures on a particular subject or with works by a particular painter

consider - watch intensely

Exhibition, -en (f.) - here: a place where works of art are presented

Work, -e (n.) - here: the work of an artist

from | to educate - here: learn a trade

Sculptor - Artists who create sculptures from different materials

Work, -en (f.) - here: the product of an artist z. B. picture, sculpture, etc.

Plastic, -en (f.) - the sculpture

Collage, -n (f.) - an image made up of different parts

Desert, -n (f.) - an area where there is little rain and a lot of sand (e.g. the Sahara)

bloom - Plants that are beginning to bloom

down | to come - here: raining

to | go - here: bloom; open

Cactus, cacti (m.) - Plant that can store water and usually has spines

to | see oneself - here: immerse yourself in a picture; look at a picture for a long time

Interpretation, -en (f.) - here: the interpretation of works of art

how something works - Colloquially: how something works