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Study marine biology ?!

Hello you!

I'm just about to do my A-levels. After that, my greatest wish is to study marine biology and become a marine biologist. However, I still don't know how best to do the best, even though I'll get a relatively well-paid job later, and what is best to study first (biology or an apprenticeship beforehand?)

Please can someone help me here?

glg Steffi
Hello Steffi
Well, as far as I know, you can't major everywhere. Most of the people I know study biology in general and in separate lectures, seminars or excursions they deepen their specific knowledge about the sea.

If your first thought in studying is merit afterward, then I would study law or economics.


well paid job ??? Forget it.


Maybe the thread will help you a little further here

Good luck ^^,371148
Bad joke but not far from reality:

What does a jobless marine biologist say to one with a job?
One currywurst with french fries, please!

@ Shark-lady

The marine biological institutes e.g. the UNIs Rostock, Kiel
and Bremen or Bremerhaven can provide well-founded
Help information.

If you want to make a career in this area, you are
Semester abroad at renowned UNIs, international
Research internships and the subsequent
Dissertation unavoidable - a long way.

However, you have to be aware that even then there are only very limited job opportunities
gives. Very few in state research institutions,
even less in business. The merit
possibilities in state institutions are already established
and are clearly regulated in DE in TVÖD and thus also
are rather limited. Something is happening in business
better paid.

If you can't find a job, it will be very difficult to move into other fields.
Many thanks for your help! Especially @ frank. You have already helped me a little.

Again @ frank

What can you study or do in economics in relation to marine biology?

write a PM to BioUli (moderator) who knows about marine biology.

Greetings to you
It is not true that there are no jobs for marine biologists. Now, after my studies, I am relatively amazed at how many positions and opportunities there are (some are even quite well paid). If you enjoy it, you are good at it and you show commitment, it actually works in every job. But it gets difficult when it comes to seals, whales and sharks Classic jobs in the private sector would be aquaculture, fishery management and the creation of biological reports. But it's true: getting really rich with it will be difficult.
@Frank you forgot Hamburg
@ Shark-lady

Economy related to marine biology is likely in this country
to be difficult. At some renimated US UNIs there are
however, the master’s degree programs in the business environment
with degrees in natural science subjects

let combine.
Fisheries economy, perhaps in connection with some business administration.
A baker has become self-employed. His shop somehow offers a water purification service using clams.
Other "economic areas" would be algae culture, is guaranteed to be on the rise. Not just for cosmetics.
Ah ha

Steffi, leave it and study something else, especially if you want to have a well-paid job afterwards. However, I see the bigger problem less in pay than in stability.

I studied marine biology and am currently working in the Maldives as a marine biological dive guide. Before that, I was unemployed for a good two years.
Sounds great at first, but it's not. Because actually I would like to build something up for myself and then maybe later have something like a family. However, that needs the stability mentioned and you don't get that as a marine biologist, at least not in Europe.

It's a dream job, but only if you're willing to give up a lot. You can also take a look at my blog:

I wish you success,