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10 inspiring blogs to follow (with particularly positive content!)

Are you looking for inspiration and do you want to browse through different blogs? Or are you just a little bored and want to dream away again? Are you sitting at home, maybe with a fresh coffee on the sofa or on the balcony, and would you like to surf the Internet a little and be inspired? Then this article is just right for you, because here we introduce you to the most inspiring blogs from Germany.

Regardless of whether it's a classic lifestyle & fashion blog, interior design blog, self-optimization and sustainable living - blogs are really a dime a dozen! We scoured the internet and put together a few special blogs that are really inspiring for you.

Take a look at the following inspiring blogs - a colorful mix of modern lifestyle and in-depth topics that make you think and emulate. Time flies by while surfing - we can promise you that much!

Inspirational Blogs # 1: heylilahey

Berlin based Mia is a psychologist, PR consultant and blogger. Mia started out as a fashion blogger in 2010, but noticed after a few years that the classic fashion blogger existence was not for her and began to be interested in more sustainable living. In 2013 she imposed a six-month shopping ban on herself and held out!

Since then, Mia's blog has been all about fair fashion, natural cosmetics, zero (or less) waste, sustainable living, vegan food, climate change and animal welfare. Mia wants to inspire with her blog and encourage people to follow suit - which we think she does very well.

We follow Mia on one of her train journeys through Europe, rummage through ideas for more sustainable gifts, discover new smoothie recipes or learn more about sustainable skin care - Mia encourages people to deal with a greener life without appearing presumptuous.

Positive Blogs # 2: andysparkles

Andy (Andrea) started her blog in 2013 out of a love of writing, fashion and photography. Since Andy also loves to travel, her blog is about travel, lifestyle and fashion topics.

Andy writes about the beautiful things in life and encourages us to enjoy and dream away - but she is also not afraid to address more serious or currently relevant topics such as personal development, dealing with the past or the challenges posed by the Corona crisis - with We reflect on Andy, find new hobbies and discover new income opportunities as a digital nomad.

Andy’s inspiring blog speaks to almost everyone and is really authentic. Andy can easily do without edited glossy photos, she prefers to convince naturally and with her own ideas. Really inspiring!

Blog Discovery # 3: Lindarella

Lindarella, the inspiring blog by Lindar from Munich, is sporty and tasty.

Linda loves yoga, cycling and fitness more than anything and shares her passion for sport and wellbeing with her readers.

Linda is a fitness influencer and shows us how sport can be fun and good for you - AND is incredibly aesthetic and in a good mood. When Linda is not training for the triathlon, practicing yoga poses or lifting weights in Bali, she loves to travel or share healthy recipes with her community.

Regardless of whether you're not a fitness grouch or a professional athlete - Linda's lifestyle inspires and invites you to imitate. No wonder Linda has a lot of followers on Instagram too!

Inspirational blog # 4: Julesvogel

The 23-year-old Julia from Vienna writes about the beautiful things in life, fitness, personal matters, traveling, good food or her everyday life in Vienna - and is really personable and natural.

Healthy living and exercise play an important role for Julia, and it shows in her blog posts too. She discovers and shares new recipes (almost always vegan), lets us participate in her workouts and writes on the subject of well-being and stress management.

Following the Austrian on her journey through everyday life is fun and relaxed even while watching. She also proves her talent as a hobby photographer and social media professional. julesvogel is really a really nice and inspiring blog about healthy and conscious life.

Top Blogs # 5: Tamina Jay

Reading inspiring blogs is fun, but would you like to prove your own blog reasons and your writing skills? Are you particularly interested in sports and do you tend to set up a fitness blog? Then take a look at Tamina.

Tamina blogs about her two favorite topics crossfit and fashion, and shares a lot of really useful tips and tricks for bloggers and everyone who wants to become one. Here you will learn how to properly promote your blog, how good content is created and what is important for your blog to be successful and long-term.

A good mix of information on fitness and blogging - just right for aspiring fitness bloggers.

Must-Follow Blog # 6: Journelles

Journelles is one of the bigger blogs - no wonder, because pretty much everyone will find something on Journelles! Style awareness, taste and attention to detail are demonstrated here. At Journelles you will find a lot of inspiration on the subjects of furnishings, fashion, travel and beauty.

Jessie Weiss is a journalist, presenter and creative director of her own label and founded Journelles in 2012. Since then, the blog has become more and more popular and is now the largest independent fashion blogazine in Germany - that alone is a good reason to stop by! Jessie knows what she's talking about and knows her way around - she takes us on a journey into the world of beautiful things, shares practical fashion and beauty tips and is always up to date when it comes to current trends. It feels like she's the best friend who is always in the know!

Nice to follow # 7: Nicetohave Mag

Julia-Maria has been writing in Nicetohave Mag since 2014 about the small and big things that make life more beautiful and better. This is about design, quality and sustainable living that is fun and inspires. Julia-Maria wants to inspire with her blog and share ideas without appearing too perfectionist. She started with a typical lifestyle blog magazine, but today Julia lives more consciously and shares tips for sustainable living with a lot of energy and passion.

The packing list for an unforgettable camping holiday, natural skin care or the right winter wardrobe - Julia shows taste and intelligence. Vacation right around the corner from home or discoveries in your own garden? Nicetohave Mag writes about the small (and big) things in life.

On Julia's blog you will learn that living consciously and sustainably can be fun and not that difficult. You are sure to be enchanted by her natural smile just like us - really relaxing and inspiring!

Inspirational Blogs # 8: on the contrary

on the contrary, strictly speaking, it is no longer a real blog, but rather an online magazine in which various authors have their say. The blog - made in Berlin - really appeals to us, because it is about things that move us emotionally (for example in a partnership).

There is a lot of blogging about topics such as love, heartbreak, sustainability, politics, spirituality, emotions, hairstyles and of course cats. Cheeky, realistic, shameless and constantly on the lookout for new possible and impossible topics - this is how manda's blogger team could describe it. Toxic relationships, self-love, everyday rituals, sexual adventures - there is no topic that does not come on the table here. On the contrary, plain text is written and not minced words. Upsetness is absolutely out of place here, instead you are encouraged to deal with your emotions and experiences.

And the special highlight: On the contrary, singles looking for a partner are introduced. Maybe there is Mr. or Ms. Perfect for you too!

Inspirational Blogs For You # 9: The Mandarine Girl

Daisy is a lifestyle blogger, as it stands in the book - with a weakness for the good life and a touch of luxury wherever she appears. Her fan base is large and Daisy now has more than 130,000 followers on Instagram!

Her blog, founded in 2011, is about fashion, furnishings, travel and everything else that is part of an enjoyable life. Fancy and luxurious, rich in details and aesthetic - Daisy knows how to live well and has a very good sense for details. She knows exactly how to stage herself and her adventures. The Mandarine Girl invites you to dream and conveys style as well as self-confidence. Daisy teaches us to just enjoy!

Last but not least # 10: BeautyDelicious

Asmona is a beauty editor from Hamburg and writes for women who know what they want and enjoy their life ..

The healing effects of herbs, beauty news, fasting, spas - BeautyDelicious is about enjoyment and well-being on all levels. After a relaunch, beauty is still one of the main topics, but there are also many other topics to discover

Are you looking for inspiration for more self-love? Are you missing the ideas for new, exciting travel destinations? Or are you currently dealing with the topic of personality development and are looking for tips and tricks on how to organize your everyday life differently and break out of your comfort zone? You will find an answer to all of these questions here.

Asmona inspires women of all ages and stands for authenticity and fun in the beautiful things in life without being superficial.

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