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The best road trip songs for on the go

Road trip songs about freedom while driving

Born to be Wild - Steppenwolf

"Get your motor runnin '/ Head out on the highway / Lookin' for adventure / And whatever comes our way" roar the first lines of this classic rock song and fully capture the road trip mood. It was not for nothing that it became the theme song of the iconic road movie Easy rider. Must on each Road trip songs Playlist.

RoadTrippin - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

The Peppers have proven over and over in the past that they know how to write road trip songs. Your album Californication underlines the feeling of freedom and space. This unusual acoustic title made it into our road trip songs due to its relaxed summer atmosphere. We recommend turning the volume up all the way.

Shut Up and Drive - Rihanna

Rihanna's repertoire includes a large selection of hits whose lyrics many of you probably know by heart. Nevertheless, none of them reproduce the joy of driving in such a tailor-made way as "Shut Up and Drive". Even the most brawny camper van becomes a sports car - at least it feels like it.

Ride Out - Kid Ink & Tyga feat. Wale, YG and Rich Homie Quan

Driving a car brings people together, this easygoing R&B song affirms that. "Take over the street, that's how we roll / And we gon 'ride on forever" repeats the rapped chorus of this road trip song. Driving without time pressure or a specific destination, the main thing is together.

My Favorite Game - The Cardigans

The driving intro alone is enough to make you want to press your foot on the gas pedal. Some of you probably recognize the song Need for speed. The detailed intro runs rhythmically through the entire hit of the Swedish indie band and carries the characteristic cardigans singing. Pre-programmed driving fun!

Drive My Car - The Beatles

In addition to “Ticket to Ride”, the Fab Four come up with various worthy road trip songs. With a wink, this song makes you want to follow the changing course of the asphalt for two. When the four Brits sing: "Baby you can drive my car and maybe I'll love you", you can hardly help but smile.

Good mood road trip songs to sing along to

Hit the Road Jack - Ray Charles

Another classic among the road trip songs. It's almost impossible not to be part of this lively 1961 song when soul legend Ray Charles yells, "What you say ??" Give it a try!

California - Phantom Planet

Known from the successful drama series O.C..,- California, this catchy tune is now claiming itself all by itself as the ideal road trip song. California, the state of the sun, surfers and hippie vans. Even if you are not going to California, the refrain “California, here we come!” Can easily be repositioned on your destination.

I'll Be There For You - The Rembrands

Also a song for a successful television series, this one-hit wonder also shows its great sing-along potential, including the 90s - nostalgia factor. It was not without reason that it was used as the theme song for the well-known sitcom Friends written, because "I'll be there for you" is one of the most beautiful road trip songs for best friends.

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers

The secret of a good catchy tune is often its simplicity. This road trip song by the Scottish Proclaimers managed to get everyone in the pub to shout along. What works in the pub, of course, also works in the car when you're out and about. Pay attention: "I would walk five hundred miles". Already you can't get it out of your head.

Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas

And another hit series. The unofficial theme song out Supernatural, in which the main characters drive through the states in their Chevrolet Impala for much of the time. The pathos of this road trip song will keep you in a good mood even after several hours in the car.

Wonderwall - Oasis

Finally, a classic among the snotty, romantic sing-along songs for your playlist. “Wonderwall” is not a pure road trip song, but it is still wonderful to sing along with. It does not matter whether in a group as a couple or alone.

Atmospheric road trip songs

Island In The Sun - Weezer

This hit by the indie rock band is much quieter than usual. The warm atmosphere, conveyed by Rivers Cuomos singing and the acoustic instrumentation, is reminiscent of summery days under a wide sky. Are you on your way to your “Island In The Sun”?

Fast Car - Tracy Chapman

The romanticized image of the fast car in freedom with a view of the "City lights stretched out before us", painted by a beautiful voice, makes you forget the problems of the world. Tracy sings of the escapist desire to go to a better place in a wonderfully melancholy way. “Fast Car” should definitely be one of your road-trip songs.

Where the Streets Have No Name - U2

A low whisper, then the sound of an organ and after about a minute the guitar and bass bonos introduce wistful vocals - exactly when your car is running at full speed. With the lines “I want to run / I want to hide”, U2 tie in directly with the undertone that escapes reality from Tracy Chapman's song.

Ho Hey - The Lumineers

The atmosphere of this semi-acoustic love song with a background choir shrinks the world down on you two. Even if it's not about driving, “Hey Ho” is a road trip song to empathize with. Maybe you just enjoy the peace and quiet and let the passing environment affect you.

Passenger - Iggy Pop

After the sadly beautiful songs, it's time for a punk twist. However, Iggy's “Passenger”, who drives aimlessly along the streets in his car, cannot do without wanderlust. On his way he describes the urban silhouettes as he continues to drive: "And I ride, and I ride, and I ride ..."

Come Pick Me Up - Ryan Adams

In the film Elisabethtown A road trip helps young Drew find himself. The soundtrack also includes Ryan Adam’s heartbreaking and impressively sung ballad "Come Pick Me Up", originally from his album Heartbreaker originates. A road trip song for anyone looking.

Nightcall - Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx

With its calm, but catchy synth beats and equally calm vocals, this electronic song creates the right accompanying music for a ride at night. Balanced between exciting and slow, it will keep you awake and alert.

Home - Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

At some point even the longest journey comes to an end. You are sad because your adventure trip is over again, but at the same time you are looking forward to your family and friends back home. This is the moment when you start the last of our road trip songs. The feel-good love song immediately lifts your mood.

The complete PaulCamper’s road trip list

In the smooth PaulCamper teamwork, we have put together all of our favorite songs into the ultimate song list for your road trip. With songs to sing along to, wander around and pound along the asphalt. So, pedal to the metal and off you go on vacation. Click inside, subscribe to the playlist and happy camping!