How do I reset a used laptop

Reset your PC and delete all private data

You can reset a PC to remove all sensitive data before giving the computer away. It's just as easy with Windows as it is with a mobile phone. Read how to do it.

Reset your PC - this is how it works with Windows 10

    1. Click the start button and call Settings (the symbol with the gear).
    2. Select the program group there Update & security.
    3. Click the point on the left Restoration.
    4. In the next window you will find the first point Reset this PC.
    5. Click the button Here we go just below.
    6. Finally, you still have the choice of what exactly should be deleted. click on Remove all, because otherwise your personal data, such as letters or pictures, will remain on the PC.
    7. The next screen is about whether the space freed up by the deletion should be cleaned up so that the recipient of the computer cannot restore your data. If that is someone you don't trust, choose Remove files and clean drive out. Otherwise is Just remove my data okay.
    8. Windows now summarizes what will happen next and starts the reset as soon as you click the button Reset to default click.

This is followed by a basic setup of the device similar to the new installation. You can now pass the computer on and leave the rest to the recipient.

Do you only want to sell one hard drive individually? Then read on here how to completely erase the data on a hard disk.

How to delete the online data for this PC

If you've signed in to your PC with a Microsoft account, you should also unlink it online from your account.

  1. Use any computer to do this. So it doesn't have to be the PC you are currently preparing for distribution.
  2. Go to with a browser and log into your Microsoft account.
  3. You will now see a list of all devices that are linked to your account.
  4. Find the PC in question from the list.
  5. Click on the menu item there Further actions.
  6. About the entry Remove PC disconnect the computer in question from your account.