Why does my dryer stop in the middle of the cycle

Dryer that stops: what are the causes and solutions

One might wonder why the devices are failing. For something as big and expensive as a clothes dryer, solving this puzzle can save you money. In fact, changing a part is much cheaper than replacing an entire device. There are several common reasons for tumble dryer failure that stops regardless of the model. Even if you don't know anything about clothes dryers, it's often possible to self-diagnose the problem.

Tumble dryer - general information:

Don't hesitate to consult our guide to clothes dryers to learn more about these devices we use every day. In this article, we will discuss the different types of dryers, how they work, and purchase recommendations if you are looking to replace your dryer.

Dryer stopping due to electricity

if your dryer does not spin at all it may be an electrical problem. Check the outlet. To test, plug a work device into the same outlet. If the unit doesn't work either, there is likely a problem with the electrical circuit and not the dryer.

A fuse may have blown or your circuit breaker may have tripped. It is also possible that your dryer is not receiving the correct voltage to function properly. It is also possible that the wiring has come loose or the power cord is defective.

Clothes dryer stopping due to switches

Dryers will only work when the door is completely closed. If the door detection switch is defective, the dryer will not start. You can usually access this switch from the top or from the front of the dryer, depending on your configuration. This problem is more common on older machines.

The start switch on your dryer may also be defective. If the start switch does not work, the dryer will not start either. It is possible to swap one of these switches.

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Clothes dryer stopping due to fuses and thermal thermostats

Heat and heat control are essential for the dryer to operate. Overheating is a serious problem and to counteract this, dryers are fitted with thermal fuses. These fuses are usually located nearby or in the exhaust ducts.

If a thermal fuse blows due to excessive heat, an electrical cable will break and the dryer will not heat up or work at all. Your tumble dryer is likely equipped with multiple thermostats, some of which can act as a thermal fuse. A defective or defective thermostat can impair the function of a tumble dryer.

The dryer can be operated again by replacing the fuse or the thermostat. A blown thermal fuse from overheating indicates an additional problem, e.g. B. poor ventilation. A blown fuse is a good thing too, as it means the fuse worked properly to protect your dryer and possibly your home.

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Clothes dryer stopping because of the motor

The motor that rotates the drum of the dryer may burn. It can also get too hot and the bracket can fail, not the motor itself. In this case, the rotating motor will tear the wires off. This sometimes happens with older engines.

Changing the motor will solve the first problem, and repairing the device and wires will solve the second. It can be difficult to tell if you have an engine problem. You need to open the dryer to access the engine. The timer also has a small motor and the dryer will not run if it is broken, but the timer motor problem is not very common.

Replace the thermal fuse on the tumble dryer that stops

The thermal fuse is usually mounted on the fan housing. It detects the temperature of the air that is escaping from the dryer and is triggered when the air becomes too hot. It usually triggers when the vent hose is clogged or when the outer damper flap is closed.

In an electric dryer, the thermal fuse switches the dryer off when it trips. In a gas dryer, the dryer is prevented from heating up, but the dryer continues to run. The thermal fuse is not reset when the dryer cools down and must be replaced when triggered.

Fixing the tumble dryer drive motor stopping

The drive motor turns the motor shaft, which in turn turns the pulley that turns the drive belt that winds around the drying drum. The movement of these components rotates the drum during the cycle. In most dryers, the drive motor also turns the blower fan.

A failed drive motor may stop in the middle of a cycle and restart after the motor has cooled down. Replace the drive motor if it overheats.

Repair of the dryer electronic control board that stops

The electronic control card regulates the timing and performance of the dryer functions. The wiring connections on the control board can be repaired, but the control board itself cannot.

If the electronic control board receives power but does not transmit it to the dryer components, replace the electronic control board, preventing the dryer from operating. The dryer may start but will stop mid-cycle if the internal components of the control board do not accurately capture the signals from the sensors.

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