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“Strawberry legs” - how they are made and what really helps

From STYLEBOOK | May 11, 2021, 3:14 p.m.

In the summer you see “strawberry legs” in many women. Don't you know it? The term refers to the small, dark dots on the legs that are reminiscent of the surface of strawberries and appear after shaving. STYLEBOOK explains how to avoid skin irritation.

If you shave your legs regularly, you may know it: instead of slippery skin, the shins and calves are covered with small red, sometimes even significantly darker dots. The pores of the skin appear irritated, the legs are not completely smooth despite the shave. The Americans have found a pictorial name for the phenomenon: "Strawberry Legs", in German: "Strawberry legs."

What are "strawberry legs"?

We have pores not only in our face, but all over the skin - including our legs. Every time you shave, the skin is irritated and the pores are irritated, resulting in razor burn. The damaged pores no longer close properly after shaving, which makes them dirty and increases the risk of hair follicles becoming infected. So where hair grew out of the skin before, small red dots can be seen, "strawberry legs" are born. If sebum and oil residues also collect in the pores, they even appear black, almost comparable to blackheads. Incidentally, the darker your skin tone, the more the small dots stand out.

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What can be done against the clogged pores?

In fact, strawberry legs are a common problem that can only be avoided with proper leg care before and after. STYLEBOOK knows the most important tips.

1. Exfoliate legs

The rubbing with peeling removes old and dead skin cells. This allows the razor blade to be guided particularly close to the skin without the flakes of skin immediately clogging the follicles again. Shaving itself is also easier this way, which in turn reduces irritation or “strawberry legs” caused by excessive pressure.

2. A clean blade

Only a blade that is rust-free and without soap or foam residue will shave well. If you use your blades more than once or twice, you should always clean them thoroughly under running water after shaving and, in the best case, even disinfect them with a little alcohol. Disposable razors can be an alternative, but should have at least three blades to shave really well. The disadvantage: In terms of environmental friendliness, the disposable razors do not do well.

3. Toner for the legs

What works on the face also works on the legs. After shaving, simply apply facial toner generously with a cotton pad, products with salicylic acid, which work against blackheads and pimples, are best. The last remnants of dirt are removed by the toner and the pores can contract again. Therefore, it is better to wait until the irritated skin has calmed down and the lotion does not get stuck in the pores again before applying cream to your legs.

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