Is there a use of banana peel

Reusing banana peels instead of throwing them away: three tips

The banana is one of the most popular types of fruit among Germans. Every German citizen eats around 12 kilos of it every year. The peels of the tropical fruits usually end up in the garbage. There are many uses for the fibrous yellow shell that surrounds the sweet pulp.

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Is the banana eaten, their shell usually ends up in the Trash can. The bowls are quite versatile. Only organic bananas are suitable for the following tips.

The peel of conventionally grown bananas are usually heavily contaminated with pesticides, which can be harmful to health - both for people and for plants.

Re-using banana peels: in the garden and in the flower pot

Banana peels contain valuable ones Minerals how potassium and magnesium as nitrogen and sulfur. This composition makes them ideal fertilizer. Put small pieces of bowl in the soil next to the plants without damaging their roots.

You can also work the pieces into the soil before sowing new plants. The banana peels hold at the same time Aphids remote. Alternatively, the pods can also be dried and ground and distributed around the plants.

Also Houseplants the ingredients in banana peel are good for you. Put banana peels in yours Watering can, fill this with water and let the mixture steep for a few days. Remove the peels and water your flowers with the "banana water".

Banana peels can also be used to restore dull houseplants Shine bring. If dust has built up on your large-leaved foliage, remove it by gently rubbing the inside of a banana peel over the leaf.

The peel picks up the dirt and leaves a kind of seal on the leaf that protects the plant from dust build-up for a while.

In the household

It might sound weird, but it works: cleaning shoes with banana peels - at least as long as it is Leather shoes acts. By rubbing the inside of the shell over the shoe, you remove dirt and care for the leather at the same time.

Then buff the shoe with a dry cloth. Also started silver, cutlery and stainless steel can be brought back to a shine with banana peels. Rub the inside of the bowl over the appropriate areas and then wash it off.

The banana peel is also found in the kitchen Use. A banana peel in the roaster makes the meat juicy and tender and also gives it an exotic aroma. You can also use banana peel to make it healthy and sleep-inducing tea produce.

Boil the bowl for about three minutes and let the tea steep for another ten minutes before removing the bowl. The one contained in the bowl potassium has a blood pressure regulating effect, the high proportions of magnesium and the amino acid tryptophan have a calming effect and promote restful sleep.

Thanks to the gas they contain Ethylene leave banana peel fruit and vegetables mature faster in their environment. For example, if you have a rock-hard avocado lying around at home, you can accelerate its ripening process by placing a banana peel next to it.

Banana peels for the skin and hair

Include banana peels Enzymesthat make the skin swell slightly and soften. This property can be used by anyone who has one Wood splinters has drawn.

If you put a piece of banana peel with the damp side on the skin around the splinter, it can be easily removed after a short exposure time. The same enzymes can too Insect bites alleviate. The natural emollients help to remove toxins from the skin more quickly and thus reduce itching.

In addition to the softening enzymes, those contained in the banana peel make it Antioxidants the plant parts for the perfect face mask against pucker in the Eye area.

Place a piece of peel with the inside on each eye and leave the natural Anti-aging mask Leave on for about ten minutes. Some swear by a hair mask made from the yellow fruit husks. To do this, puree the peel of a banana, mix with a little honey and water, apply to the hair, leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

People love bananas. Germans alone eat an average of over 14 kilograms of bananas per person a year. The fruit contains vitamin B6, potassium, carbohydrates and antioxidants, making it a real miracle weapon. But what about the little threads that come off when you peel it? To eat or to remove it? We asked an expert.