What tragic films never make you cry

Netflix Movies: The 7 Saddest Movies on Netflix

Must see! These are the 7 saddest movies on Netflix

Are you looking for films that really press the tear gland? We'll tell you the saddest films on Netflix that tell exciting stories and bring you tears.

Maybe tomorrow

Charlie is an outsider at his school. For his first year of high school, he wants to change that and finally be one of the popular. But that turns out to be more difficult than expected. At first his only friend, Bill, becomes his only friend. When he befriends his siblings Sam and Patrick, however, his life takes a positive turn. But then he falls in love, which immediately creates new problems.

Irreplaceable you

Abbie and Sam have been in love since childhood and are an inseparable couple. Everything seems to be going perfectly until Abbie receives a terrifying diagnosis of cancer. Desperate about her illness, Abbie begins to look for a new friend for her childhood sweetheart Sam and to plan Sam's life in advance. Numerous Netflix users voted the drama the saddest film of the streaming service in a survey - and we can only say: definitely have your handkerchiefs ready.

My Girl - my first love

Everything is upside down in the life of 11-year-old Vada: She falls head over heels in love with her class teacher and messes with her widowed father's new friend. In addition, she experiences an exciting summer with her best friend Thomas J. The film convinces with numerous funny scenes, but also has unexpected twists and turns that make us cry at one point or another.


The drama Moonlight was awarded three Oscars in 2017 and won, among other things, the golden boy for the best film of the year. The story revolves around the fate of the shy and sensitive Chiron, who grows up in difficult circumstances in Miami. Since his mother is a drug addict and those around him are violent, it is not exactly easy for the Chiron to grow up. But when Chiron falls in love with his classmate Kevin, his life changes drastically. So you should definitely have handkerchiefs ready.

Seven lifes

After Tim Thomas, played by Will Smith, causes a car accident in which his fiancée and six other people are killed, nothing in his life is the same. He becomes plagued by dire guilt until he begins to come up with a plan to help people and restore meaning to his life. The film drew millions of viewers to the cinemas when it was released in 2008 - and we still think that “Seven Lives” is one of the saddest films of all time.

Call me by your name

The year is 1983. 17-year-old Elio, played by the shooting star Timothée Chalamet, is spending an exuberant summer with his family in northern Italy. Elio's father is a respected professor and, like this summer, invites a student to the villa to support him as an intern in his research. When the chosen Oliver (Armie Hammer) enters the parents' property for the first time, Elio's world suddenly turns upside down. From then on, an animal-loving summer romance develops, which not only increases our longing for a summer in Italy, but also leaves us tearful. One of the best films in recent years!

A star is born

The aging rock star Jackson Maine discovers the talented singer Ally and falls in love with her. Ally almost gave up on her big dream of a music career. Jackson encourages them and eventually even takes them on his tour, and a love story even develops between the two of them. Ally grows up with him as a mentor to become a pop star, which causes the personal relationship between the two to suffer. Jackson's inner demons and alcohol addiction put their love to the test. Tears inevitable!Leading actors: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Why do we need films to make us cry?

Dramas and love films are popular genres. But why do we like to watch films that make us sad or even cry? Many people have their emotions under control in everyday life - and therefore often cannot cry when they feel like it. But it is precisely for such situations that sad films are perfect. A tragic love story that doesn't end well or a touching fate that touches our heart can lead to the fact that we can finally let our tears run free and we can really cry. Then you finally feel relieved after crying!

It is for these reasons that we watch sad films

  • Because sad films let us release more endorphins and then we simply feel better
  • We can live out emotions unhindered in our own four walls without having to justify ourselves for tears. Nobody looks in amazement at our tearful face!
  • We can reflect on our lives and be grateful
  • Crying releases pent-up fears and emotions
  • We flee to another world for a while
  • We learn to appreciate our relationship through sad love or friendship stories
  • "Howling" is not to be equated with "being unhappy"

Which sad films on Netflix are suitable for a movie night with your best friend / boyfriend / family / alone?

Our film tips above are super versatile, but if you want to choose a film for a specific occasion, we would recommend the following:

  • Movie night with your best friend: "Call me by your name"
  • Movie night with the friend: "Moonlight"
  • Movie night with the family: "Maybe better tomorrow" or "7 lives"
  • Movie night alone: "Irreplaceable you" or "My Girl - my first great love"
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