Do you like being a man

20 pretty good reasons why it's better to be a woman

Sure, there are also situations in which you get angry about not being a man. One major annoyance is that equality is still not part of everyone's flesh or that we are often intimidated by physically superior men. Keyword "#metoo" and "Gender pay gap", to name just a few things. But let's take a look at the benefits of being a woman. Because there are definitely huge quantities of them.

Yes, we have every reason to be happy! It is often awesome to be a woman. Admittedly - we sometimes suffer from our periods and it is we who have to walk around the world like a whale for nine months and then bear a child into the world with unimaginable pain. And of course, at some point there will also be menopause.

But: That's exactly what is ultimately a mega-important advantage of being a woman! It is WE who give life and who can experience the emergence of life so closely in our stomachs. We create miracles!

Clear. After that there is a big gap, but there is more. We have put together more reasons for you why it is great to be a woman.

20 reasons why being a woman is great:

1. Because we have a feminine intuition that we can rely on most of the time.

2. Because we can do several things at the same time.

3. Because we can independently prepare food that is not frozen pizza.

4. Because we can have BFFs.

5. Because we don't always have to be strong - but we can.

6. Because we have the better Abitur.

7. Because we women get older on average.

8. Because we can rightly say that we can endure more pain than men.

9. Because we can dye our hair brightly without being directly considered a bird of paradise.

10. Because there is girl power. We show solidarity when we are wronged.

11. Because being daddy's little one is great. Mother's boy, on the other hand, is more of an insult.

12. Because we not only have feelings, but can also talk about them.

13. Because we can drive really well. Everything else is a rumor.

14. Because we can put on his clothes, but he can't put on ours.

15. Because we have ten times more opportunities to let off steam with our outfit. They only have men in Scotland.

16. Because we decide for ourselves if and when we have children.

17. Because we know 1,000,000 percent that it is our child.

18. Because we have multiple orgasms and can as often as we want.

19. Because we have a realistic relationship to the size specification 20 cm.

20. And last but not least: Because we know the secret of why women always go to the toilet in pairs.

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