Where does the word omg come from

What does "OMG" mean? Explanation and definition


Someone reacted to one of your posts with the abbreviation "OMG" and you don't know what that means? We'll tell you what the abbreviation stands for and how you can use it yourself quickly and easily.

That means OMG: "Oh my god"

The abbreviation "OMG" is an acronym from the English language, which means that each of the letters stands for its own word. Written out "OMG" stands for "Oh my God". In German: "Oh my God" or in a slightly wider translation: "Old Swede".

This is how you use OMG

"OMG" is generally used as an extreme reaction, mostly to something that is hard to believe, just like you use the pronounced "Oh my God" in German. It should be used in both a negative and a positive context. So you can use "OMG" when you are very happy about something or when you are very upset about something.

If you want to increase your reaction even more, you can also use "OMFG", which stands for: "Oh my f * cking god". The spelling is variable, you can also write omg or omg, there are no regulations. In the meantime "OMG" has also arrived in the spoken language of young people and is also used in conversations. However, you should always pay attention to which audience you are speaking in front of and whether the use of the abbreviation is appropriate.

Examples of using OMG:

  • Person A: "Torben just asked me if I want to marry him!"
  • Person B: "OMG! Madness!"
  • Person A: "I just got my purse stolen."
  • Person B: "OMG, was there a lot of important stuff in there?"

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