Can someone fake a video over Skype

A typical scam attempt on Skype by a spam bot

Fraud attempts on Skype have been around forever. But technology is inexorably evolving; just like chat bots, which are getting more and more convincing, as one should think. Indeed, recently I received a contact request from a lovely young lady who made me an extremely interesting offer.

I thought: "Well, let's play along and take a few screenshots of the conversation ...". A translation (including typing errors) of the original English conversation can be found in sections under the respective screenshots.

Katrina Kauffman would like to add you on Skype
Hello, I want to add you as a contact.
10:14 AM Christian shared contact information with Katrina Kauffman.
11:02 AM Hi Katrina, how can I help you?
Katrina: Hi xox
Christian: Hello
Katrina: I got your name here on the Skype directory because I was bored and looking for people to talk to. Lol
25 / w you?
Christian: A few years older

Katrina: What are you doing?
Christian: Talk to scammers
Katrina: I'm looking forward to the winter vacation at university. I'm still at university and pretty happy about it, you know
Christian: What are you studying?
Katrina: Lol, well, if you want some fun then
Christian: Always
You don't mind if I log this conversation and publish it, do you?

Katrina: To be honest, I was about to get down to work. A friend of mine works online and I asked her about it. When we went back to university after the summer vacation, she showed me what she was doing
lol I thought she was crazy at first, but the job is really great. We work online, do private webcam shows, that sounded a bit dodgy at first, believe me, but I think it's just awesome !!!
Christian: I believe you
Will you listen to me for a moment, please?
Katrina: Well, I was just about to say I have some free access and I usually do a private show first before I "warm up" lol. Nobody is online right now, though, so I thought I'll give you one of the free accesses if you want. But you have to give me a very good rating so I can get you more, ok?

Christian: Are you a chat bot?
Katrina: Oh, I'm worth it, believe me lol. Ok At there is a small button to accept my invitation and to create your profile. Just click on it.
Then you just create your profile and you can open a private chat with me and tell me what to do
Christian: Is your script over now?
Katrina: Yeah, you need a card of some kind, but just to check that you are over 18 years old
Christian: Of course

Katrina: You are special, otherwise I won't distribute the entries !! Loll, I'm sometimes such a fool
Christian: Is your autocorrect not working properly?
Katrina: I can't wait, this is going to be so great. I like meeting new people here, oh by the way ... you might want to turn your speakers down because I can be a little loud
Christian: Your answers always take exactly 30 seconds

Katrina: I'll get one of my favorite “toys” now, see you soon. Hurry up, I hope I'll see you in the room when I'm back lol
Christian: How many sentences are left in the script? You're already done with work. The call is out.
Indeed, the script seems to have ended
I wish you were at least a poor, underpaid helper to talk to, what a shame. I actually could have gotten some exciting insights into your business!


That's behind it

Obviously, Katrina Kauffman is not a real person, but a program. So far, it remains unclear whether the bot has gained unauthorized access to a person's Skype account by cracking the password or whether it is just an account that was created to deceive people.

The bot's sole raison d'etre is to convince people to reveal their credit card details on a fraudulent website. The link will take you to a fake website with adult content that you must register on to see all of its content.

Fraudulent website intended to intercept your credit card details

Example 2

Just a few weeks after documenting the aforementioned case, I received another contact request from a lady named "dear.churchill". It was obviously a scam bot too, and is likely to be from the same makers who were behind the first attack. However, I was able to notice an 'improvement': The new version also used a profile photo, which was still missing in the previous version.

The bot's full entertainment on Skype.


This poor lady probably doesn't even know that your photos are being used for fraudulent purposes.

Your credit card details will of course only be used for age verification. Who really still believes that today?

This is how you can recognize fraudulent chat bots

  1. You can ask any question you want. In the above In this case, the bot simply ignores my answers or questions and continues to send me messages to get me to register and pay.
  2. Pay attention to certain behavior patterns. This bot didn't just send messages, it always waited for me to say something and sent a message after exactly 30 seconds. As soon as I took a break, so did the bot. If I typed more, the bot answered more.

What to do?

If you think you have already fallen for (alleged) Skype or credit card fraud, please contact your bank or credit card provider as soon as possible so that they can block the card immediately. Otherwise, fraudsters could use your credit card to buy goods online (or even do worse); You will then be left with a pile of debts or even face legal action.