Is socialism moral

FDGB Lexicon, Berlin 2009

10 commandments of socialist morality. The 10 G.d.s.M. were proclaimed by Walter Ulbricht at the 5th SED party congress in July 1958 as binding moral norms for the individual in order to support the desired change in social consciousness towards socialism. By then, this change had by far not taken place to the extent that, according to the basic assumptions of Marxism-Leninism, it should have been expected as a result of the changes made in the relations of production and, above all, should have shown itself in the work process: the economy was already in place predominantly in public ownership, but was out of the under capitalist. Conditions prevailing so-called proletarian. Class morality still not a socialist. Morality emerged with new standards of value for the behavior of the individual towards the party, state and society. The SED leadership attempted this lag in development in the sense of an educational process led by the party with the 10 G.d.s.M. balance.
In detail these said: & # 132 1. You should always stand for the international solidarity (cf. Solidarity Committee) of the working class and all working people as well as for the unbreakable solidarity of all socialists. Insert countries. 2. You should love your fatherland and always be ready to use all your strength and ability to defend the power of the workers and peasants. 3. You should help to eliminate the exploitation of man by man. 4. You should do good deeds for socialism because socialism leads to a better life for all working people. 5. When building socialism, you should act in a spirit of mutual help and comradely cooperation, respect the collective and heed its criticism. 6. You should protect and increase public property. 7. You should always strive to improve your performance, be thrifty and socialist. Consolidate work discipline. 8. You should raise your children in the spirit of peace and socialism to be all-round educated, strong-minded and physically tempered people. 9. You should live cleanly and decently and respect your family. 10. You should practice solidarity with the peoples fighting for national liberation and those defending their national independence. & # 147 In contrast to Christianity, therefore moral. Values ​​are given by God and can claim eternal validity, Marxism-Leninism assumed that moral. Values, norms, maxims and views of people are rooted in the material social conditions, are reflected in them and change with them. According to marxist.-leninist. Understanding morality should do one thing above all else: help to bring people's behavior into line with the & # 132objective social needs & # 147 recognized by the party of the working class. This could only be achieved in practice if moral. Values, norms and maxims found their way into social group norms. Accordingly, the FDGB-BuV took hold of the 10th G.d.s.M. in his campaign for the formation of & # 132Brigades the socialist. Work & # 147 started in early 1959 to promote a & # 132new attitude to work & # 147; he relied in particular on the 5th, 6th and 7th commandments. On the VI. SED party congress in January 1963, the 10 G.d.s.M. as a & # 132socialist. Laws of Morals and Ethics & # 147 included in the party statute of the SED, with which all members were called upon to make them the basis of action. Only that on the IX. SED party congress passed in May 1976, replaced the socialist party statute. Decalogue through the concise formula that every party member is obliged & # 132 to follow the norms of the socialist. To adhere to morals and ethics and to put social interests above personal ones & # 147. In the meantime, it was recognized that direct moral education would have to be much more differentiated if it was to have any chance of success. In the realm of the socialist. Work ethic, which as the core of the socialist. Morality prevailed, the SED and FDGB now put more emphasis on an active social policy in order to create prerequisites for morality. Change in values ​​and the formation of a socialist. Creating way of life.