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Tips & Tricks for Samsung Galaxy: Music App

Samsung offers a lot of practical extras on the Galaxy devices: Here we tell you how to arrange your music collection, create playlists and use the Samsung music app.

The music app from Samsung

The in-house music app from Samsung called "Music" is preinstalled on your TouchWiz device at the factory. You can use it to manage your song library, listen to your favorite songs and sort your playlists.

The surface

The visual design of the music app from Samsung seems a bit old-fashioned, but it is very intuitive to use. Use the media buttons at the bottom of the screen to start and stop the current song, and use the arrow buttons to navigate through the playlist. If a picture of the album or artist is available, it will be displayed on a large scale. Above that there is another bar in which you will find the button for changing the volume on the right. The “Share” button is located in the left corner: a tap on it and the current song will be played on devices (TV, notebook, etc.) connected via WLAN.


Control by voice

Samsung has come up with a nice extra for the in-house music player: if you wish, you can control the app using voice commands. "Playback", "Pause", "Louder" and "Quieter", "Next" or "Previous" - with the right phrases you can operate your device completely using voice commands.


The song overview

If you tap on the small arrow in the lower left corner of the playback interface, you will be taken to an overview of all the tracks saved on your device. A tap on the entry and the song is played, a long tap opens a submenu. Here you can call up details of the song, for example set the title as a ringing tone (under “Set as”) or delete the song.
You can create more order on your smartphone by creating playlists by tapping on "Add to playlist". More on this on the next page.


Create playlists

Do you listen to different types of music? Are entire albums of your favorite artists saved on your smartphone? To ensure that your music collection is always tidy, it is a good idea to create playlists. We'll explain how to do it in three easy steps.

Build the list

Simply tap and hold on any entry in the song overview and then on "Add to playlist". In the next window, tap on “Create playlist”.


Add songs

Then name the list and tap "Ok". In the overview window of the new playlist you will find a "plus" symbol at the top right, which you can use to add new songs to the list.


Edit lists

In the song overview you can switch to the menu item “Playlists” in the upper tab. Here you can delete, edit and select your playlists.


Google Play Music

As an alternative to the music player from Samsung, an application called “Play Music” is also installed on every Android device, the Google equivalent of the music app from other manufacturers. Below we introduce you to Google Play Music in a nutshell.

The surface

Google relies on a modern look, bright colors and a clear design. On the start page you can discover your albums and artists.


Play a song

A tap on an entry opens an overview window in which you can select the desired song. A control bar appears at the bottom of the screen.


The app menu

In the top left corner you will find the button for the app menu. This will take you to Settings, the Play Store and your playlists.


Quick tips

A few little tricks and tricks make working with the Samsung music player a lot easier. We present the three most important ones.

Music via bluetooth

In the song overview tap on the menu button of your Samsung device and select the entry "Via Bluetooth" in the submenu that pops up. If the Bluetooth interface is not active, select "Switch on" in the next window. Then you have to select the Bluetooth speaker - and voilà: the song is played over the box.



A tap on the menu button of your device and then on the entry "Settings" opens the menu of the same name. Here you determine, among other things, how the music menu should be presented, whether the voice control should be deactivated or change the playback speed of your tracks.


Find songs quickly

A tip on the menu button, then on "Search" and voilà: With the popping up search field you will find your favorite title in seconds.

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