How naughty is your pet


I have 2 rabbits.

There are 2 females.

They are dwarf rabbits. They are called dwarf rabbits because they are not as big as the wild rabbits.

My rabbits are 4 months old.

The black rabbit is called truffle.

The brown rabbit is called Snoopy.

Truffle is my rabbit.

Truffle is called truffle because it is so black.

Snoopy belongs to my two sisters.





There are many types of truffles:

  • Chocolate truffle
  • Mushrooms: Mushrooms live underground, mushrooms are difficult to find, so pigs and sometimes dogs are used to look for mushrooms. Truffles are very valuable.



When I was little we had horses, a dog, a cat and canaries at home.

But now we've already sold the horses.

The cat is dead, the dog is dead, and the canaries are dead too.

I am now in a riding school and if I can ride well I get a horse from

given to my grandfather.

Anna / November 2000




Charel / November 2000




Christian / November 2000




November 2000


Jessie / November 2000




As a pet, I had a cat. Her name was Jerrie.

Jerrie loved to play; she was one year old.

But it was very big. She was very good.

But she was poisoned and she died.

I was very sad.

The cat we have now is called Connie.

She also loves to play. Connie is only good sometimes.

She always jumps into the flower stick.

She always scratches my hand. You can still see the wounds.

She hangs on my leg at least once a day.

But I am very happy to have it.

Kris / November 2000


This is Jerrie climbing the wall. I don't have a photo of Connie yet.

"She always scratches my hand. You can still see the wounds."



My pet is called Calin.

Calin is a little bitch.

She is black.

Her favorite food is dog food.

She only eats once a day.

Calin only drinks water.

My father gives her the food.

She likes to play with the ball in my room.

She prefers to sleep in my bed.

She barks when someone comes into the house.

She also barks at night when she is scared. And she barks when she is all alone.

I walk my dog ​​for 20 minutes when I am out of school.

Jorge / December 2000


Lis / November 2000






Lynn F. / November 2000


Lynn K. / November 2000



Margo / November 2000


Max / November 2000



 Olivier / November 2000