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You now have the choice: My partner program now also via Digistore24 - with different cookie treatment & Co

When it comes to affiliate marketing, in addition to various other factors, the type of cookie handling is always one of the most important reasons to decide as an affiliate for or against a network.

In addition to the so-called "first cookie wins" process, there is also the "last cookie wins" process. Since I have already dealt extensively with both methods and their respective advantages and disadvantages here in the blog, I do not want to go into any further here.

Even if I am of the opinion (which is consistent with my experience) that the bottom line is that it doesn't really matter which method is used, the topic still plays a decisive role for many affiliates.

And because I keep getting inquiries from potential partners and, as often promised, I would like to specifically address my affiliates, I have now decided to expand my partner program ...

Backgrounds for expansion for understanding

So far, my partner program ran exclusively through the payment provider ShareIT, who uses the "first cookie" procedure for its commission processing, in which only the cookie counts that as first was deposited by a partner. If a potential customer later accesses the respective offer via another partner, the existing cookie will be used in this case Not overwritten. So if the customer only buys the second time, the first affiliate will still receive the commission.

Because ShareIT was up to now a very well-known and probably best-known provider of primarily digital information products, there was - if you are honest - nowhere near a serious alternative. Every now and then new providers came into the market who presented themselves in a similar way, but which have meanwhile quickly disappeared or never came close to the quality and reliability of ShareIT.

Since I am someone who first of all takes a close look at new platforms, networks, etc. and especially watches their development before blindly following the crowd, I didn't want to rush anything.

Now, however, a network has established itself which, in my opinion, is not in the fast lane, but - and what is actually much better - is a real alternative of equal value.

The real equivalent alternative Digistore24

As part of my expansion, I now also run my partner program through the provider Digistore24. Digistore24 has also specialized in digital information products and processes orders and payments fully automatically.

As with ShareIT, the partner program is completely integrated into the process and settles the commissions directly with the affiliates. The decisive difference, however, is - as announced - in the cookie handling. In contrast to ShareIT, Digistore24 relies on the “last cookie” procedure, in which the existing cookie overwritten every time becomes.

This means that the partner who was the last to set the corresponding cookie always receives the commission. In addition to cookie handling, of course, both networks have their own conditions as well as advantages and disadvantages. For this reason, from now on, my partners have the choice between the two best-known and most renowned systems in the German-speaking region, in order to use their personally preferred system for promoting my products.

The amount of the commission, the high-conversion sales pages etc. are of course identical for both systems. As my partner, you will continue to earn at least 50% per sale and thus have the opportunity to earn more than 350 euros per sale through further cross-selling and up-selling.

All important information, a selection with an overview with the advantages and conditions of the two platforms as well as various training videos and numerous professional advertising materials can be found in the exclusive partner area for my affiliates!

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