Why is creativity essential to influential leadership

The work mindset of the future

The promotion of talent within a company also lives from new, creative constellations. About throughcross-generational team buildingwhere younger and older employees exchange media skills and professional experience. Such approaches one"Reverse Mentoring" strengthen the loyalty of younger employees, optimize internal knowledge development and help to create aholistic corporate cultureto accomplish.

4. Corporate Cult (ure)

A corporate culture that is geared towards young people enables the individual selves to develop - and at the same time unites them in a holistic we. The youth plays a central role in thisWork-life blending, the merging of work and life.

Companies can add value to the corporate culture by sponsoring joint leisure activities or establishing social media in the company context, for example through special onesSocial software or internal Facebook groups. The possibilities are virtually unlimited and can also include "external" services, from help with finding accommodation to shopping and cleaning services. This is how the software startup Evernote offers its employeesinnovative incentives such as a home cleaning service or the use of electric cars that are allowed to drive on the express lanes of California's highways. In addition to the feelgood effect, employees can concentrate on the essentials: on private life - and on work, which is increasingly merging with it. CEO Phil Libin orients his management style on oneLaisser-faire philosophy: "Find smart people, let them work in peace, and don't criticize them too harshly when they fail."

Tendencythe employer becomes the host - and to a functional equivalent of friends and family: colleagues are (also) friends, the office can take on the shape of a quasi-flat share, and the whole organization develops identity-creating qualities. In younger companies in particular, the maintenance of such a corporate culture is professionally managed by special staffCorporate Culture Coordinatorsor feelgood representatives.

Also oneentrepreneurial mission or a special social commitment can create a holistic we-feeling. Particularly for highly qualified applicants who can choose their employer, pronounced corporate social responsibility, which underlines the job with “meaning”, is an essential selection criterion. At the same time, the topics also moveEmployer branding andReputation managementin focus. Social engagement can include cooperation with daycare centers, schools or universities, childcare at the workplace or certificates for the compatibility of work and family.

Companies that are credible sustainable, dedicatedMaintaining values convey, increase their attraction for young high potentials. The organization becomes one Cult room, to anarrativewho inspires people, both existing employees and those who wish to be part of this story. The prerequisite is that these valueslived openly and made visible become. Only then can they be communicated, be it via word of mouth, via social media or via platforms such as Kununu, on which employees rate their employers.

5. Workplace reloaded

It is precisely because workplaces are becoming more and more flexible that attractive ones also winDesign of fixed work environments in importance. Large companies in the fields of architecture, design and advertising are already having studies carried out in order to find out the preferred workspaces for future generations.

A balanced combination of people, work equipment and rooms makes companies more creative and efficient. According to the Gensler Workplace Survey, employees are most productive when they are between "Individual focus"and "Cooperation / Creativity"be able to choose and switch (Gensler 2013). Intelligent workspaces therefore offer variable opportunities for self-development, retreat and team collaboration - and thus exactly reflect thoseflexible I and we values the Liquid Youth.

The workplace evolves into oneAdventure world, to an inspiring habitat of communication islands and variable workplaces, supported by playful elements and artistic designs. This realignment corresponds to the increasingly fluid organizational structures and the new Liquid Leadership: The workspace of the future is a coworking space, aflexibly usable work and living area - in which the head office also becomes a place ofcollaboration becomes. 

From New Work to Next Work

A basic requirement for the creation of this future-oriented work culture is the development of an internal companyNetwork mentality. Only on this basis can the topics and values ​​that shape the work and life understanding of Liquid Youth be installed in the organizational DNA: empowerment, communication, collaboration, creation, openness. The plays a central role in thisUse of social content and community strategiesto enable networking and information exchange.

The work-life mentality of the Liquid Youth makes it clear that the network economymore holistic approaches requires. Business success is increasingly based on the ability to promote creativity, innovation and agility. Youthful virtues likecuriosity andExperimentation are examples of what most companies still have to laboriously work out: permanent contact with changing environments, a new,more dynamic understanding of growth and continuously optimized connectivity.

Companies can and must learn from this youthful mindset if they want to remain competitive in the future. The Liquid Youth can create a new,forward-looking organizational understanding drive forward: the company asorganic constructthat flexibly adapts to changing environments. Youth is therefore an essential partentrepreneurial resilience. This resilience always lives at its core from a diversified employee portfolio and fromRelationship quality between the actors involved. Young employees who have a digital mindset and are highly adaptable can dynamize corporate cultures.

The work-life blending of Liquid Youth signals that knowledge work is anew evolutionary stage reached. Work environments are becoming higher education contexts, and it's all aboutclever, creative combinations: between knowledge and practice, between me and us. For tomorrow's working world this means: more networking, flexibility, self-organization and democratization. These requirements cannot be met with traditional structures and processes. In order to make work and the economy fit for the future, our society needs onecollectiveReorientation. The Liquid Youth can and will provide central impulses.

This text is an extract from our studyYouth Economy.