Are smartphones worth the cost?

These smartphones will still be worth their money tomorrow

Dennis Steimels

While smartphones from Samsung, LG and Co. lose a lot of their value, Apple and OnePlus remain particularly stable in value. You can find all information right here.

EnlargeApple and OnePlus smartphones hold their value

Most current top smartphones cost a lot of money at market launch - 1000 euros and more have become the standard here instead of the exception. But many of these models already lose a lot of value shortly after their market launch! Three months after the market launch, a current Galaxy S10 + with 128 GB (€ 999 MSRP) was already 26 percent less valuable. The price of the Galaxy S10 with 128 GB (899 euros RRP) has fallen by 27 percent.

Only smartphones from Apple and OnePlus will still be worth their money tomorrow. The purchase prices remain very high for a long time and you can still sell the used cell phones for a comparatively large amount of money even after years - always measured against the starting price. In order to obtain a similar ratio of purchase and sales price from other manufacturers such as Samsung or LG, you can buy phones from these brands no earlier than three to six months after the market launch. Only then will you receive a value that is similar to the purchase price in percentage terms as with Apple or OnePlus.

PC-WELT has looked at the price development at of the smartphones released in 2017 and 2018 and researched the current purchase price of used mobile phones and found that there are significant differences!

EnlargeiPhone XS (top left), OnePlus 6T (top right), Galaxy S9 (bottom left), LG G7 ThinQ (bottom right). The price development (since market launch) shows that the price of the Galaxy S9 and G7 ThinQ has fallen significantly faster than that of the smartphones from Apple and OnePlus. The price development comes from

These top smartphones keep their value

If you buy an iPhone or OnePlus smartphone, you first have to spend a lot of money. IPhones in particular are extremely expensive and will remain so for a long time. However, the resale value remains comparatively high even after years. In detail it looks like this:

The iPhone XS was released on September 21, 2018. Six months later, customers were still paying around 87 percent of the recommended retail price, i.e. around 999 euros from the original 1149 euros for the 64 GB model. Today you pay around 1018 euros for an iPhone XS, the value has increased again by 1.65 percent - as the price development of shows (as of 06/11/2019). If you want to sell the iPhone XS again, the purchase website offers you the most money with around 752 euros for the condition "as new". And after more than eight months that is still over 65 percent of the EIA.

It looks similar with the 2017 iPhone X. Six months after the market launch, the 64 GB cell phone still cost almost 83 percent of the recommended retail price of 1149 euros. As of today, the iPhone X still has a purchase value of around 70 percent, according to This is also confirmed by the price comparison portal - and that after around 1.5 years. As the comparison page for used electronics at shows, you get 610 euros for your old iPhone in "like new" condition, which corresponds to 53 percent of the RRP. If the cell phone has slight signs of use, it is still 49 percent!

OnePlus: OnePlus smartphones are also very stable in value. Among other things, because for a long time these smartphones were only sold by OnePlus itself in its own online shop. In the meantime, for example, Amazon sells OnePlus smartphones quite officially, but the number of retailers is very manageable. Unlike cell phones from Samsung, LG and Co, which are listed almost everywhere. The OnePlus 6T was launched on November 6, 2018 for 549 euros. Six months later, the price has only fallen by 2 percent to 538 euros, which is also shown by the price development of If you were to sell your OnePlus 6T now, you would still get 339 euros (62 percent of the RRP) at rebuy. The purchase price of a OnePlus 5T, which was released at the end of 2017, has also fallen by just under 2 percent after six months from 499 to 490 euros. Today, after around 1.5 years, a OnePlus 5T still costs 84 percent of the original price. And if you want to upgrade to a new model, you get 59 percent of the RRP at that time, that is just under 296 euros.

These smartphones suffer severe depreciation

Other manufacturers can only dream of such a small loss of value as Apple and OnePlus. As examples for the other major smartphone manufacturers, we picked Samsung and LG and compared prices. We deliberately did not include Huawei smartphones because the devices are no longer receiving new Android versions from Google due to the trade dispute between the USA and China and are therefore experiencing a major drop in prices. The purchase price is also extremely low, which would probably be higher without this serious incident.

Samsung: The Galaxy S9 - which came on the market in mid-March 2018 - already lost 35 percent of its value within six months and fell from 849 euros MSRP to 549 euros. Today, after 16 months, you only pay 444 euros (52 percent of the RRP) for the S9, as the price comparison portal shows. You can achieve the highest sales price according to