What are the basic principles of GTD

The GTD method in short

The process of the GTD method

The process consists of four steps that are carried out on a regular basis.

1. Capture
All ToDos that are not yet in the task list should be entered there. Get out of your head - into the system. You should take a moment each day for this step.

2. Empty the inbox
This step ensures that the inbox is empty and that the task list continues to be filled. David Allen recommends this approach:

Check every email
Go through every email in your inbox and decide if you need to do anything with it. If not, you can either throw the element away or store it as reference material.

Fill your system
If you need to do something with the element, first decide whether it will take more than one step to get it done.

More than one step: create a project
If it takes more than one work step to get the job done: Record all the steps as a to-do in your to-do list and make it clear that these tasks belong together. David Allen speaks of one in this case Projectto which these tasks belong.

Exactly one step
See if it takes less than 2 minutes to get it done. If so, then you do it right away. If it takes longer than 2 minutes to get the thing done, then create a task in your list for it.

3. Review ToDos regularly
Perhaps the most important step is the to-do listto look through regularly. Recommendation: At least once a day.

For each task, a decision is made as to whether the deadline, reminder or scheduling continue to make sense. Perhaps you can think of other steps to take in addition to the task? Maybe it makes sense to turn a task into a project?

For each project, you should also briefly consider whether the next steps and tasks are adequately and completely planned and appropriately timed.

4. Perform
The constantly updated task list is now your reliable database. With their help, you can always decide what to do next. David Allen calls this that next best action.