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Aviator glasses

The origin of the aviator glasses

The so-called Aviator glasses bears their name due to the fact that they were worn by the majority of the US Navy soldiers in the 50s and 60s - the large glasses always ensured optimal solar radiation in the entire field of vision for them during operations. During this time, the classic version with a gold metal frame was particularly popular; today, aviator glasses are available in a variety of different colors. The special characteristic always remains the eye-catching, oval shape of the lens.

Even if this classic is still worn by pilots today, the aviator glasses have developed from a useful object to a fashion accessory with cult status, especially in the mainstream. The myth of the bold US fighter pilots always gives the wearer a casual look with a touch of boldness. Of course, this does not change the fact that the aviator glasses still serve their purpose - namely to optimally protect the eyes, especially in bright light, in all directions.

This look matches the aviator glasses

The wearer of aviator glasses can't really go wrong with their styling, as the very discreet frame makes this model a real all-rounder. The casual look with jeans and a T-shirt is certainly a classic combination, but a more chic style can also be combined well with the casual look of the aviator glasses. Basically, the aviator glasses can be assigned to the casual style rather than the business-casual look and may therefore not be the first choice for a highly formal appearance, but every wearer should of course make this decision for themselves - after all, there is in fashion no rules that are not worth breaking.

Who do the aviator glasses suit?

The aviator glasses are particularly suitable for people with a heart-shaped face, as this model particularly emphasizes the wearer's cheekbones. Round faces look more elongated thanks to the lenses, while angular face shapes are softened a little by the round shape of the aviator glasses. Only people with a very small head should be a little careful with aviator glasses, as the oversize lenses can quickly cover a large part of the face and thus draw more attention to themselves than to the person wearing them.

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