Why do cats love snow

Do cats get along well with snow?

In Switzerland we are used to it snowing in winter. And so one can wonder whether our cats can cope well with this cold. Some keepers worry about their animals and consider whether they should be left in the warm.

Do not worry! Most cats can handle these low temperatures very well. Here is some advice and explanations to help you get through the winter without any problems.

Free-range cats

We all know that every cat has its own personality and strong character. If your cat is used to being outdoors, it will be difficult to keep them indoors during the winter. You have to respect her needs and keep giving her the opportunity to leave the house. Some cats just love walking in the snow. They have a very dense undercoat that protects them from low temperatures.

However, you should make sure that your cat always has access to your home and can warm up there or let you scratch it when he feels the need to. To enable your cat's independence, you should install a cat flap.

Indoor cats

If your cat is more used to staying indoors or is not used to the cold, do not suddenly send him out in wintry temperatures. Cats change their fur, which means that their summer fur is replaced by a thicker winter fur. The change of coat is much less pronounced in indoor cats, as the internal temperatures remain more or less constant. You have to get used to low temperatures gradually.


If your cat has been out in the snow and returns to the house, you need to dry them well to prevent them from freezing and hypothermic. Small pieces of ice can form in the fur, which make you cold. Use a cloth and rub your cat to keep them warm.

When your cat comes back inside, you should also check the pads under their paws as snow and cold can cause irritation. If the pads are a little irritated, you can apply an ointment to relieve it. You can of course ask your veterinarian for advice.

Cats can also catch a cold in winter. If your cat has symptoms, such as a runny nose, cough, or sneeze, or is avoiding you, they may have a cold. Please see this article for more information.