Know about MRI

Procedure of the investigation

MRI preparation

You will be given an information sheet prior to the examination.

You can also read, download and print out this information sheet here on the website.

Due to the strong magnetic field, all metallic objects must be taken off before entering the examination room (watches, hearing aids, glasses, removable dentures, bra with hangers or metal fasteners, piercings, etc.)


All metal implants such as pacemakers, stents, heart valves, surgical clips, ear implants, pain or insulin pumps, joint prostheses, metal splinters and the like must be noted on the information sheet.


  • Pacemaker
  • Implanted defibrillators
  • Cochlear implants
  • Drug pumps


Patients with pacemakers or electronic implants can in principle NOT be examined with us at the moment. MR-compatible cardiac pacemakers also require certain requirements and examination procedures.

Please let us know which metallic objects are in your body or bring your implant passport with you. Whether one with the metal parts in the body MRI is possible, our specialist staff will decide on a case-by-case basis.



In principle, MRI is possible during pregnancy and is safe for the unborn child. In the first trimester of pregnancy, however, the examination is only carried out if it is urgently needed.


MRI examination procedure

They are placed on a couch that is moved into a bright, well-ventilated examination tube that is open at the head and foot ends.

The region to be examined must be in the middle of the tube - e.g. when examining a knee joint, your head is outside the tube. .

Loud knocking noises occur during the examination, so you will be given hearing protection.

The examination takes about 20 minutes.


Problem "claustrophobia" (claustrophobia)

With an MRI examination it is - as already mentioned - important that the part of the body to be examined comes to rest in the middle of the tunnel. During the knee examination, this means that the head looks out. However, if the head has to be examined, it is positioned in the middle of the tunnel.

Some people suffer from claustrophobia - BUT: We can help you if it affects you! Talk to us before the examination!

  • If you are unsure, stop by and get to know us and the device without obligation. Come to the "test lying"!

  • During the examination we are connected to you via an intercom. We can also see you through a large viewing window.

  • It is also possible for you to take someone you trust into the examination room, who will accompany you all the time and who will remain with you during the examination. The same safety precautions (e.g. removal of jewelry, hair clips, clarification of metal implants) then apply to the accompanying person as to yourself.

  • We are happy to offer you valerian and Bach flower drops.

  • However, you can also receive calming medication from us before the examination - but keep in mind that you should then not drive a vehicle.

  • Do you have a special wish? Talk to us about it!