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50+ Backlink Sources for New Websites - SEO Tips for Better Google Rankings with Link Building

Building a backlink is the most difficult SEO measure for many website operators. Backlinks are still very important for the success of your own website.

I've tried a lot of backlink sources on my own websites, such as my board game blog, which I've been quite successful with now. With active link building, I quickly got into the top 10 and have been even higher since then.

In this article I list more than 50 sources and ways to get backlinks for your new website.

The importance of backlinks for Google ranking


Backlinks are still very important for ranking in Google. On-page optimization has become more important in recent years, but backlinks are still very, very beneficial. This is also shown by analyzes of the top 10 in Google.

And in many niches it is inevitable to build up a strong backlink profile due to the tough competition, otherwise you won't even make it into the top 10.

So you can't really afford to neglect building backlinks.

Which backlinks set?

Before I get to the specific backlink sources, here are a few basic tips.

When building backlinks manually, you should be careful not to always set links to your own homepage. Although these links make up a large part of the overall link profile, a website also has backlinks to subpages and individual articles. Otherwise it looks unnatural. Deeplinks to important pages should therefore also be aimed for.

In addition, you should pay attention to a relatively even backlink structure. So don't just get a lot of backlinks once, but a few every now and then. Sometimes more, sometimes less is normal and okay.

Practical tip for better backlinks
Instead of always linking directly to your own website, you should also try the stacking method. In doing so, you “chain” several backlink sources (third-party websites) and only link your own website at the end.

In this way, the backlinks pass on their power one after the other and in the end the link to our website is ideally worth even more. For example, you can link from a business directory to your own online service profile and from there to your own free blog and from there to the actual target website. Multiple backlinks to previous websites in this chain are also possible. It is important here, however, that they are all follow links.

The point is not to get so many weaker backlinks to the website itself, but rather fewer backlinks, which are then more valuable.

In general, you should pay attention to the following things when building a backlink:

  • The backlinks should primarily come from websites that are thematically relevant. In terms of content, you should therefore match your own website.
  • Follow backlinks are of course better, but nofollow backlinks also belong in a normal backlink profile.
  • When building backlinks manually, it is particularly worthwhile to rely on websites with a lot of domain authority (trust from Google).
  • You shouldn't overdo the following measures. A good mix makes it.

50+ backlink sources for new websites

Here you can now find my list with over 50 backlink sources for new websites. "Testing is above studying". This saying also applies here.

You don't have to implement all of these measures either. Pick out some of them and start with them. What you do not feel comfortable with or what does not suit you, you simply do not do.

(The list is sorted alphabetically)

  1. Give award
    If you already have a certain regular readership or a certain level of awareness in the niche, you could give awards once a year. An SEO blog could give awards in the categories “Best SEO Software”, “Best SEO Articles” etc. In order to get as many backlinks as possible, you should involve the readers and let them submit nominations in the first step and allow a vote on the winner in the second step.
  2. Buy backlinks
    Buying backlinks is not affordable for everyone and Google does not like it. More precisely, it is usually a monthly rent. This can be worthwhile, especially if you make money with your own website, but you should be careful with it.
  3. Evaluation / testimonial
    Do you use current products or services? Then you should think about writing a review. The companies are usually happy about the so-called testimonial and you can usually enter a URL there yourself.
  4. Blog comments
    This method is certainly old and it doesn't really help much anymore. But every now and then it is definitely worth leaving a good comment that is worth reading. The blog operator is happy about that and you get a small backlink yourself.
  5. Blog parades
    Blog parades are also not so modern anymore, but they are still quite popular among bloggers. Whether you organize a blog parade yourself or take part in a blog parade, there are one or more backlinks in both cases.
  6. Document sharing sites
    Websites such as slideshare.net or issuu.com allow PDFs or other documents to be made available online. There you can then also specify links and thus provide another backlink.
  7. Provide download
    Providing your own free download is not that difficult. These can be checklists, a few great photos or even a small eBook. Many Internet users think downloads are great and so they are often linked to. I have a free downloads page here on the blog.
  8. Own blogs and websites
    Anyone who already operates other websites or blogs can very easily link them to one another. This should also happen appropriately and not be exaggerated, but then you can very easily get your first backlinks.
  9. Events
    Events require a lot of planning and support, but then these can be a real source of backlinks. My niche page challenge is quite time-consuming to maintain, but it also has a wide range and provides many backlinks.
  10. Facebook groups
    There are still forums, but many more people are now exchanging ideas in Facebook groups. You can find one or more groups for almost every topic. Anyone who actively participates here can also incorporate a backlink when the opportunity arises. And of course you can start your own group yourself.
  11. Case studies
    Special insights are very popular with users. Anyone who reveals really unique and interesting information in such case studies can also count on backlinks.
  12. Forums
    Even if social networks have become hugely important, there are still many forums. You can often find good forums, especially on special topics. Here you can actively participate and at least leave a backlink in your own profile. You have to be very careful with this in the discussions themselves, but it can also work very well when the opportunity arises. Suitable forums can be found e.g. in directories such as forumshow.de and forenuser.de or via Google search.
  13. Photo websites
    Do you take photos for your website? Then photo websites are definitely a good way to upload them and get backlinks. In any case, you should pay attention to the copyright so as not to receive an expensive warning.
  14. Answering questions
    Answering common questions on your own website is also a good way to get backlinks, because in social networks, Q&A websites or forums you can easily link the answer or other users do the same.
  15. Free blog
    In addition to your own website, you can set up other mini-websites / blogs. There are some free blog hosters out there, such as Tumblr, WordPress.com, or blogger.com. There you can quickly and easily create content and link it to your own main website from there. In addition, you can use such free blogs very well in the stacking described above.
  16. Guest articles
    It is quite time-consuming to write guest articles for other blogs. In return, they offer a very good opportunity to present your own know-how to completely different reader groups and to receive a backlink. It is important to write high quality articles. You can find opportunities for guest articles if you search for "Keyword + Guest article "or"Keyword + Guest author ”is looking for.
  17. Guest books
    Guest books are very out of date, but there are still a lot of them on the net. There you can quickly and easily dust off backlinks that are not particularly great, but still help in the overall package. Also as part of a “stacking chain”.
  18. Sweepstakes
    Sweepstakes are interesting for building backlinks for two reasons. In my experience, the participants usually do not play a major role. Hardly anyone backlinks them. But that is often what the competition sponsors do, if you could win them. Websites such as gewinnspielverzeichnis.de, where a new competition can be reported, are also interesting. Not a very strong, but a simple backlink.
  19. Quality content
    The basis of the success of your own website is high-quality content. You should not only look at what the readers want, but also analyze the competition. The tougher the competition, i.e. the better the content, the more you have to work hard to outperform the competition. And of course such great content brings backlinks.
  20. Holistic content
    A current SEO trend is holistic content. These rank very well in Google and often bring back backlinks on their own. It is worth investing the additional work there.
  21. Name influencers in articles
    “Talking” (ie writing) about others has always been a good idea to attract attention. For example, you could introduce the most important experts in your own niche, the top 10 websites on topic XY or something similar. Of course, you should inform these people that they have been named. Many then like to share and link the article, because who doesn't like being called an expert.
  22. Infographic
    Infographics are also still interesting. If these are exciting and beautifully designed, then they can bring some backlinks. But even here you have to put a lot of work into it. Such infographics can then be shared, e.g. in social networks or on Pinterest and Co .. If you use services such as visual.ly to create them, the infographics are usually also shown there with a link.
  23. to hold an interview
    Conducting interviews with other people is not only a great way to generate interesting content, it often also brings back links. The interviewee usually likes to link the interview article and also shares it on the social web.
  24. Give interviews
    If you are already a little more well-known in your own niche, then you may also receive interview requests. That is also very interesting. After all, you can certainly include 1-2 links to your own website in your own answers.
  25. Write to contacts
    One thing I like to do is use my existing contacts to build backlinks. To do this, I simply write to them politely and ask if there is a way to set a backlink. If you have already had contact with a person, then that is usually much more promising. But these should be contacts who also have the opportunity and who ideally owe you a favor. ;-)
  26. Analyze competition
    In any case, you should analyze the successful competition in your own niche. Which website are linking to this? There you can then see whether you can also get a backlink.
  27. Cooperations
    Everyone is constantly thinking of how they can assert themselves against the competition. Instead, you should also consider collaborations. Joint campaigns, cooperation at events or the like, shared content and more lead to new backlinks and more attention. But you should look for someone here who is on an equal footing.
  28. Linkbait
    Linkbait is content that is so eye-catching that it brings in a lot of backlinks. It can be something very controversial (a different opinion from most experts for example) or it can also be something very funny. In any case, it has to be so interesting that many share it on Facebook and Co. and set backlinks.
  29. Link exchange
    A quick and easy way to get backlinks is to exchange links. Two website operators exchange links with each other. On the one hand, you shouldn't overdo this and, on the other hand, it's better to swap “around the corner”. So if you have multiple websites, then you should set the link from website A, but get the backlink to website B.
  30. Lists
    Lists are still very, very good at drawing attention. Top lists are conceivable on all possible topics and should be used. In my experience, such articles simply get more backlinks and are shared more often. In addition, this Google often ranks very well.
  31. Unlinked mentions
    Not every mention of your own website (or company) is provided with a link. Google supposedly also registers such pure mentions, but a backlink is still better. Therefore, you should google for your website or company name and then write a friendly letter to the websites that only mentioned you but did not link you. That brings in a few backlinks.
  32. Online service profile
    There are countless online services and most of them offer the option of adding a URL to your own profile. Such opportunities should be used, as they are mostly trustworthy websites and these backlinks offer a good basis.
  33. Create a plugin or theme
    Those who can program have a good opportunity to get backlinks. Offering a free plugin or theme for download and asking for backlinks for it always brings new links. However, one should be aware that the maintenance means a lot of effort.
  34. Start podcast
    With a reasonably decent microphone, you can easily record and publish a podcast today. You can then get backlinks not only from a podcast host such as podcaster.de, but also in the many different podcast directories such as podcast.de or podlist.de.
  35. Press releases
    Press releases are a great way to get easy backlinks. These are not particularly high-quality backlinks, but they are also part of a normal backlink profile. A tool like connektar.de makes it much easier to use this method.
  36. Private contacts
    In any case, you should use your own contacts. Everyone knows a lot of people, be they family members, acquaintances, friends or business partners. Here you can get one or the other link if you just ask.
  37. Regional websites
    Even if you do not own a regional company but operate websites, it can be worthwhile to look for regional backlink opportunities. City homepages often have a directory of local companies and self-employed people or there is a city magazine that also provides links. Here it is definitely worth getting in touch and asking about options for setting links.
  38. Receive reviews
    If you sell products yourself, e.g. an eBook, you can make this product available to bloggers and website operators in the niche for a review free of charge. Among other things, this ensures new backlinks.
  39. Write reviews
    Reviews of current products that a lot of people are interested in attract attention. In addition, you can inform the manufacturer about the review article and they will be happy to share it or even set a link to it.
  40. Roundup posts
    I have had very good experiences with roundup posts. These are of course a bit more complex, but in many niches other bloggers, website operators or experts are happy to contribute a little content. The result is very well received by many readers and brings backlinks.
  41. RSS directory
    Not really up to date either, but the source for a few simple backlinks are RSS directories. Of course, you can only enter RSS feeds there, but this is not a problem if you use WordPress, for example. Here is a small overview of such directories. A search in Google also brings up many possibilities.
  42. Social bookmarking
    Social boomarking is no longer as important as it used to be, but websites like pinboard.in or enboard.co still offer an easy way to leave a backlink. You can find a long list of such services here.
  43. Social discussion sites
    Social news sites such as Reddit.com are very popular. Everything is reported and discussed there, so that you will surely find an opportunity to leave a thematically appropriate link to your website.
  44. Social Networks Profiles
    The myriad of social networks are a great source of backlinks. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are the most popular here, but of course there are many more. Here you usually get nofollow backlinks, but they have a lot of trust and complement your own backlink profile very well. As part of the stacking method, social network backlinks can only be used if they offer follow links.
  45. Appointment list
    If there are important appointments in your own niche, such as conferences, trade fairs or the like, you can create and maintain an appointment list. Especially if something like this didn't exist before, many will link to it.
  46. Test / quiz
    Interactive elements are often very popular.A test or quiz is particularly popular and is often linked. There are a number of WordPress plugins for this, but of course you can also program something yourself. It is even better if the results are interesting (entertaining) that the participants are happy to share and link.
  47. Thematic directories
    Since backlinks should above all be thematically appropriate, thematic directories are still worthwhile today in order to get good backlinks. Of course you can also use general directories such as cylex.de, but it is even better to find a directory that only lists websites in your own branch. To do this, you simply have to go to Google "Keyword + Search for directory ”. Entries can often be made here free of charge.
  48. Find dead backlinks
    The web is getting old. Many websites no longer exist or at least many links on the Internet are no longer correct, for example because the URL has changed due to a software change. Therefore, it is very worthwhile to search through well-ranking pages in your own niche for dead backlinks. You can use example browser add-ons such as Broken Link Checker for this. Then write to the website operator, inform him of the broken link and give him an alternative (your own website or a suitable subpage).
  49. Write about the latest news
    You get a lot of attention with the latest news. If you write about something that is really new or that moves the target group very much, the chances are very good that the article will be linked. In addition, you should of course share these news articles on all your own channels and possibly also register with Google News.
  50. Asking for backlinks
    In general, it is a good idea to simply ask readers for a link. When the opportunity arises (for example an article about a good cause) or a free download, it is worthwhile to simply ask for a backlink. One or the other complies with the request.
  51. Survey
    Surveys can bring a lot. Those who conduct surveys on interesting and exciting topics and evaluate the results often get some backlinks. Of course, it helps a lot if you inform influencers in the niche both about the survey itself and about the evaluation.
  52. Upload videos
    Why should you only use YouTube? There are also other platforms where you can upload your own videos. For example Vimeo.com. But you can also upload your own videos to Facebook and of course include links to them.
  53. Create web tool
    It is a little more complex to create your own web tool. This can be, for example, an interactive advisor or a helpful tool like my AdSense calculator. In any case, it should be something that your own readers find exciting and like to link.
  54. Web directory
    Even the manually maintained web directories are actually a relic of the past, but there are still many of them. You should look at how well these are maintained, but then they certainly offer the opportunity to get some very good backlinks. Here and here you will find an overview of interesting web directories.
  55. Competitions
    Online competitions are usually associated with a prize. You know, for example, the many SEO contests, but photo, design and content competitions can also be found again and again. The prerequisite, however, is that you already have a certain community that wants to actively participate.

Backlinks are important, but not everything

The mentioned backlink sources are diverse and hardly any website will (can) use all the possibilities. But the list shows that there are many ways to get backlinks.

Nevertheless, I would like to point out again that one should not only deal with this. Great content forms the basis of a successful website. Communication with readers is also very important and should not be neglected.

How difficult is it for you to build backlinks and what experiences have you had with them so far?

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