How do I reset my AM61

How to connect Honor AM61 to phone and PC: pairing instruction in Russian

EhreAM61 instruction manual is extremely simple and does not contain anything unusual. Therefore, understand the use of these branded headphones Huawei it will be easy. Users only need to familiarize themselves with the following information and follow the recommendations. However, this is usually not even required as the developers have tried to create the most convenient device that is easy to plug in and use. As a result, the owners of these headphones will not have difficult questions and you will be able to quickly find the answer to the ones that are displayed.


HonorAM61 - lessons in Russian

Headphones AM61 (headphonexSport) is a wireless headset specially designed for products Huawei. However, the above does not mean that it cannot be used with other devices. On the contrary. The manufacturer has tried to add its own versatile products to make it possible to connect them to multiple devices at the same time. In order to emphasize the individual style of the customers, the developers suggested different color designs:

  • black Black);
  • blue (blue);
  • Red Red).

That is, each user can find the best option.

How to connect headphones to Honor SportAM61 to the phone?

When you turn on the headset for the first time, pairing usually starts automatically. So, think about how you want to connect EhreAM61 (Sport), not required. However, if the automatic connection has not been established, you will need:

  1. activate bluetooth on the smartphone ;;
  2. Turn on the headset by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds (from 5 to 30).
  3. Wait until the indicator light flashes red and blue.
  4. After that, the search remains activated on the phone and the detected device is connected.

Then you can listen to music and make calls, nothing extra is required.

How to connect EhreAM61 to PC?

One of the main advantages of headphones, in addition to their price and technical characteristics, is the ability to connect to two devices at the same time, including a PC (there should be a computer or laptop for this, Bluetooth) Repeat the process described above. The only difference is the lack of an automatic connection mode. If you encounter any difficulties, it is recommended to turn off the main unit first (by turning off the phone, Bluetooth).

What if EhreAM61 can't see the smartphone?

There are several reasons for this SportAM61 honor not connected:

  • on the phone or PC from bluetooth ;;
  • the device has a malfunction;
  • The distance between the wireless headset and the smartphone is too great.

It is recommended to remedy this:

  1. Turn on the connection and make sure there is enough space available for pairing.
  2. Restart headphones and phone;
  3. Reset the headset to the factory settings.

Usually the above actions are enough.

Do not switch on the EhreSportAM61 headphones

If the user does not turn on the wireless headphones, they should check the charge level. After that, the headset still needs to be charged to the desired level to support operation and pairing with external devices, including laptops.

Owners don't have to think about how to charge the device as the instructions are included with the device to do this. It is written in Russian and contains all the necessary information.


If the user does not turn on the headphones, the charge will be low. In other cases, when the headset is not paired with the phone or the PC cannot find a device available to connect, consider the reasons mentioned above:

  • Distance and work bluetooth ;;
  • Equipment malfunction;
  • Absence of drivers necessary on Windows, but on Android applications.

The failure of the device cannot be completely ruled out either. Despite the fact that it is waterproof, a large amount of moisture can spoil its condition.

How to Eliminate?

The most important options for overcoming problems are already listed in the overview above. That said, users should verify that the wireless connection is working, make sure the devices are within acceptable distances, and verify that all drivers are installed. If you cannot cope with difficulties on your own, you can contact Huawei support, visit the company's official Russian-language website.