What would fire fighters really help?

10 reasons why it is worth being part of the volunteer fire brigade

"When I grow up, I go to the fire department, that's clear!" As a child, who hasn't dreamed of becoming a firefighter at least once? What many people do not realize is that around 95 percent of fire fighters in Germany are volunteers. Volunteer firefighters are needed to ensure that the danger prevention is also ensured in the future. We have put together 10 reasons why it is worth being part of the voluntary fire brigade.

1. Comradeship and solidarity: You are not alone!

Voluntary fire brigade stands for camaraderie, solidarity and teamwork. No fire brigade could exist without functioning cohesion. Every member of the team must be able to rely on each other, especially when working in a fire service. Comradeship does not end in one's own defense, but is also cultivated supra-regionally and internationally. Many voluntary fire brigades are friendly with one another through so-called partner brigades.

2. Social commitment: You help others!

“To honor God, to defend your neighbor” is a fire brigade saying that appropriately describes the purpose of the aid organization. As a fire brigade member, it's about helping others and getting involved in society. Doing good also makes you feel positive about yourself.

3. Rescue, extinguish, rescue, protect: You ensure the defense against danger!

Rescue, extinguishing, recovering, protecting - this is how the tasks of the voluntary fire brigade are succinctly summarized. Rescue has the highest priority. The work of the fire brigade is varied, the spectrum of fire brigade operations is broad: from fire fighting to technical assistance, everything is included.

4. A lot of responsibility: You are a role model!

As a member of a voluntary fire brigade, you have a lot of responsibility. In action for you and your comrades, but also outside of the service. Because you should serve as a role model as a firefighter. Comrades and youth fire brigade members look up to you, especially as leaders within the armed forces.

5. Adrenaline rush: You will experience exciting fire brigade missions!

The radio receiver beeps, the pulse rises, because the adrenaline rushes through your body. As a firefighter you will experience exciting missions. Not every mission is equally exciting, but the following applies to every mission: full concentration and following mission commands.

6. Fire brigade training: You develop yourself further!

In Germany, fire brigade regulation 2 (FwDV 2) regulates the training of voluntary fire brigades. The squad man training is divided into part 1 (basic training course) and a squad man training part 2. The fire brigade training is carried out according to state regulations or at community or district level. Therefore the training can be very different from state to state. As a member of a voluntary fire brigade, you will complete many other courses in order to achieve higher ranks. You continue to develop!


7. Vehicle and technology fan: Then you've come to the right place in the fire service!

As a technology freak or vehicle fan, you get your money's worth as a fire brigade member. Because then - after the necessary qualification - you will definitely hand over a good equipment attendant in your voluntary fire department. In Germany, fire engines must comply with the relevant standards.

8. Passion for the fire brigade: You have a lot of fun!

Helping is fun. It's fun to be part of a solid, reliable community. In the fire department you can find real friends or even life partners. It's fun to get involved.

9. Identification: You are a member of the fire service!

Membership in the voluntary fire brigade gives you orientation. Fire brigade is more than just a hobby. As a member of the fire service, you fully identify with the topic.

10. Recognition: You are valued!

As a volunteer fire brigade member, you are valued. For many employers, volunteering is an advantage when choosing an applicant. Because the involvement in the voluntary fire brigade speaks for a lot of social skills. Children look up to you anyway.