Is math required for mobile app development?

Math apps & calculator apps put to the test - becoming a math genius by playing!

As is well known, opinions differ in the subject of mathematics: However, it is undisputed that there is nowhere to avoid the world of numbers. As in all areas of life, the same applies here: Practice makes perfect. And it's never too late to start. With conventional math books or lecture notes, the solution is not always perfectly comprehensible. The widespread all-purpose weapon, the smartphone, also received little attention here for a long time, since, among other things, entering formulas in calculator apps was complicated and tedious.

There are now innovative learning apps that allow you to enter numbers and formulas by hand and help you practice. The digital helpers also have a lot to offer when it comes to the level of difficulty.

Even in elementary school today, children are under enormous pressure to perform. Who's the best in the class? What grades do you have in the main subjects mathematics and German? Do you report often enough in class? Often fun & games for the children are left out in their free time.

With the help of the following math apps for elementary school, secondary school, high school or university, your child or you can learn the secrets of mathematics in a playful way and make your first learning progress in a very short time. Solving complicated equations or learning the little basics may never have been easier.