What is an exhibition event


Not all exhibitions are the same

An exhibition is to be assigned to a special type of event and to "trade fair law". It can be a "normal" event where goods are exhibited. But it can also be an event that can be stipulated under commercial law. Then the event must meet the following requirements (see Section 65 Trade Regulations):

  • a time-limited event,
  • on the a variety of exhibitors
  • exhibits and sells a representative offer of one or more branches of industry or economic areas or provides information about this offer for the purpose of sales promotion.

If the exhibition meets these criteria, the organizer can have it fixed (this is voluntary!).


The differentiation and demarcation from exhibition to trade fair is important if the event is to be fixed: Because then the organizer acquires certain advantages (e.g. relaxation of working hours), but conversely all conceivable exhibitors also have a right to be able to exhibit at this fixed event see § 70 GewO). The demarcation between trade fair and exhibition ensures that applying exhibitors know what the rules are and that the event and all approved exhibitors stay in the same (verifiable) lane (rejected applicants could take action against this if the exhibition subsequently turns out to be different Event type turns out).

In the case of an exhibition, the organizer can, to a limited extent, allow end consumers to purchase on individual days during certain opening times (Section 64 (2) GewO). At an exhibition, samples may also be given for consumption on the spot. In addition, the general regulations apply to the dispensing of beverages and prepared meals for consumption on the spot.

Here you can find more information about the exhibition:

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Unless otherwise stated in the building plans, the number of visitors within the meaning of this ordinance is to be determined as follows: (...) 4. For exhibition rooms: one visitor per m² of floor space in the assembly room (§ 1 Paragraph 2 No. 4 MVStättVO).

Exhibition halls must be subdivided by corridors in such a way that the depth of the floor space intended for the installation of exhibition stands (exhibition areas) does not exceed 30 m. The distance from any point on an exhibition area to an aisle must not be more than 20 m; it is not counted towards the distance measured in accordance with Section 7 (1) MVStättVO. The corridors must lead as straight a path as possible to opposite exits. The clear width of the aisles and the associated exits must be at least 3 m. (see § 7 paragraph 5 MVStättVO).

If exhibition stands are set up in a hall, they are not themselves considered to be (small) meeting places, nor are structural systems or temporary structures. For example, Section 1, Paragraph 2, No. 6 of the Model Building Regulations expressly provides that the MBO does not apply to “trade fair stands in trade fair and exhibition buildings”.

Changeable fixtures in the exhibition must be designed in such a way that their stability cannot be endangered by dynamic vibrations (Section 3 (7) MVStättVO).

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