How detrimental is PUBG to students

Ban in India: PUBG turns children into psychopaths

After PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds became more widespread in India, several cities have now banned the game. The police in West India also arrested ten students who played the game anyway.

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has now recommended a ban on the game because of the depiction of violence. One of the largest daily newspapers in the country has called PUBG an epidemic that is turning children into psychopaths. Many children would have lost their mental balance through play. In Mumbai, the game is said to have led to a suicide, which is why a local minister called the game "Demon in every home“Should have designated so Bloomberg.

Above all, there is a lack of laws

Concerned parents and some politicians are currently seeking a total ban on the game. There is currently a lack of laws in India, for example for the representation of violence and the age rating of games. The latter in particular is repeatedly called for in the discussion that has now arisen. Tencent, the developer of the mobile version of PUBG, is banning children under 13 from PUBG in China. In Germany, the game is permitted from the age of 16.

PUBG shows the potential of the Indian market

PUBG had spread rapidly in India thanks to the increasing prevalence of smartphones and cheaper mobile internet. A competition in the city of Hyderabad resulted in 250,000 registrations from participants from around 1,000 universities; just a few days before the ten students were arrested, the winners received prize money equivalent to around 22,000 US dollars.

Last year India completely suspended the release of new games and significantly tightened the testing for addictive behavior and harmful health concerns. After the country lagged behind the international game development for decades, the development is now all the more rapid. With a volume of currently only around 290 million US dollars, the Indian market is currently still comparatively small, but is growing rapidly. PUBG showed the potential of the market.

Bluehole wants to make adjustments for India

Bluehole, the developer of the PC version of the game, now wants to examine the basis for the bans in the cities and work with the authorities to find a solution. A time limit for playing PUBG is also planned.

We are working on the introduction of a healthy gameplay system in India to promote balanced, responsible gaming, including limiting play time for under-aged players.

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