You can urinate in public in Jamaica

Behavior traps on vacation: 400 euros for a picnic on the Spanish Steps: where vacation can be expensive

Nude bathing in Venice, peeing wild on Hvar: some tourists misbehave abroad. They camp wildly, ignore prohibitions, leave behind dirt and rubbish and recklessly put themselves and others in danger. But more and more often this is no longer without consequences: Numerous holiday resorts fight back and charge drastic fines. A hit parade of particularly stupid tourist actions and the penalties due:

Penalties on vacation: stupid tourist actions and what they cost

  • Venice: 3000 euros for nude bathing in the canal Two Czechs bathed naked in a canal behind St. Mark's Square last September. They were taken to the station by the police for "acting against public decency" and fined EUR 3,000 each.
  • Greece: 1000 euros for stones taken with you In Greece it is strictly forbidden to take stones with you. This not only applies to parts of temples, but also to completely harmless pebbles, for example from the beach of Skiathos. If you get caught, you can easily spend the night in the police station and have to pay for the archaeological report afterwards. Cost: up to 1000 euros.
  • Mallorca: 700 euros for false branded goods Fake brand T-shirts, fake top sports shoes and cheap watches with the fake imprint of well-known labels are popular souvenirs. So far only the flying salespeople have been prosecuted. Recently, however, the police on Mallorca are also taking action against tourists. A fine of between 100 and 700 euros is due. The background to this are complaints from sellers of genuine branded goods.
  • Rome (I): 500 euros for bathing in the Trevi Fountain In Rome, a man recently got rid of 500 euros after stepping into the Trevi Fountain disguised as a Roman senator.
  • Rome (II): 400 euros for a picnic on the Spanish Steps Walking allowed, sitting forbidden: Since July, visitors have only been allowed to stand or walk on the Spanish Steps. If you want to use the beautiful view and the sun-warm stones for a picnic, you have to be prepared for a fine of up to 400 euros.

Expensive vacation: 600 euros for a city walk in swimming trunks

  • Trieste: 300 euros for a nap A tourist who slept in a hammock was fined 300 euros here. The Austrian had stretched his mat between two trees on a popular city beach in Trieste, the police said. Because that was a violation of the green space regulation, the 52-year-old was asked to pay.
  • Singapore: 650 euros for singing Word has got around that chewing gum is a criminal offense in Singapore. But even those who bother their fellow human beings with loud music run the risk of having to pay a fine of up to 1,000 Singapore dollars (approx. 650 euros). Anyone who bawls inappropriate texts even risks three months in prison.
  • Venice: 650 euros for public coffee makingIn July, a man and a woman from Berlin had to pay 650 and 350 euros, because instead of the expensive espresso in the cafes on St. Mark's Square on the Rialto Bridge, they made their own with a camping stove that they had brought with them.
  • Croatia: 600 euros for a city walk in swimming trunks Tourists walking around in Hvar city center in swimwear are a red rag to the locals. The mayor of Croatia's popular party island published a catalog of fines last year to teach tourists to behave. If you walk around in your swimming trunks, you risk a fine of 600 euros.

Rubbish thrown out of the window: 250 euros fine in Dubai

  • Honolulu: 460 euros for a walk with headphones Passers-by who use cell phones while walking or wear headphones endanger themselves and others. Honolulu introduced fines for smartphone users in Hawaii back in 2017. Pedestrians who use their mobile device while crossing the street will be fined up to $ 500.
  • Caribbean: 365 euros for military look fashion Lovers of the fashion color olive green or camouflage would do better not to wear camouflage clothing in the Caribbean. In Antigua, Barbados, Grenada, Jamaica and Tobago, for example, the Federal Foreign Office warns that "military-style camouflage clothing of any type and color (camouflage) ... is by law reserved for the military". Even the import is a criminal offense and is punished with a fine of 400 US dollars (365 euros).
  • Dubai: 250 euros for a garbage disposal The desert should become cleaner: In the United Arab Emirates throwing garbage out of the car window is punishable by up to 250 euros. That is how much spectators pay at accident sites there.
  • Spain: € 200 for illegal parking On holiday in Spain you should know the local parking rules exactly. Because the local police impose heavy penalties for parking offenders. Here the claim can be up to 200 euros, in Germany it usually costs ten to 30 euros.

Why nude photos lead to jail in Cambodia

  • Amsterdam: 140 euros for wild pee Crude party tourists have to bleed in the Netherlands too. Anyone who drinks alcohol on the street in Amsterdam can expect a fine of 95 euros. Rioting, throwing away rubbish and urinating in public cost 140 euros each. The police will collect the money immediately if possible.
  • Switzerland: 90 euros for nude hiking In the Swiss canton of Appenzell, it is better not to break free while hiking. Otherwise - as happened in 2014 - the cantonal regulation on “gross violation of morals and decency in public” will also be applied to naked hikers. In the negotiated case, the fine was 100 Swiss francs (approx. 90 euros).
  • Cambodia: Six months imprisonment for nude photos In 2015, three French people posed for nude photos in front of the temples of Angkor Wat. They were sentenced to six months probation. Two sisters from the United States, who also took nude pictures in the Preah Khan Temple, were arrested and only released after they had publicly repented.

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