Have you participated in your doctorate?

Do a doctorate at the WFI

Are you interested in a doctorate at the Faculty of Economics at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt?

Do you have a strong motivation and an above-average degree (master's or diploma) in economics?

And you want:

  • work scientifically?
  • research an exciting economic topic?
  • acquire the methodological knowledge necessary for this?
  • benefit from the knowledge of several scientists, not just that of your PhD supervisor or your PhD mother?
  • Present your research results at international conferences?
  • Publish your research results internationally?

Then you have come to the right place at our faculty. Those who do their doctorate with us not only write their own doctoral thesis, but also benefit from our structured doctoral studies. It has a scope of 20 ECTS - and you can choose the modules that you need for your work from various modules. Upon completion of the doctorate, you will receive a certificate confirming that you have taken part in this course.

However, you can also do a "traditional" doctorate, i.e. you do not have to complete the doctoral program. In this case, the oral doctoral examination does not take place in the form of a disputation, but in the form of a rigorosum in which you are examined in three subjects.

You can find information on these two paths under Doctoral Regulations and FAQs.

Comprehensive information on doctoral studies including the curriculum can be found under courses.


Do I have to take part in the doctoral program?

No. Participation is voluntary. However, you have to take the oral examination in the form of a Rigorosum if you do not complete the doctoral program in full.

What use is the doctoral program to me?

You can choose from various modules that help you to work scientifically (method modules), to develop yourself as a personality (modules on key competencies) and to present your research results (conference module). In addition, you will receive an additional certificate with the doctoral certificate, which confirms the successful completion of the doctoral studies and lists the courses completed.

Can I also attend individual modules of the doctoral program instead of completing the entire course?

You can also take individual modules. However, you will not receive a certificate of successful completion of the entire course and you will have to take the oral examination in the form of a Rigorosum.

When do I have to take a disputation and when do I have to take a Rigorosum?

If you complete the entire doctoral program, the oral examination takes the form of a disputation. If you do not complete the entire doctoral program, the oral examination takes the form of a Rigorosum.

When do I have to decide whether to do the doctoral program?

Not yet at the time of acceptance as a doctoral candidate (§ 4 of the doctoral regulations). Then simply take the desired modules, whose participation you only have to prove when you submit the doctoral application (Section 5 of the doctoral regulations).

How do I prove that I took part in the doctoral program?

The lecturers hand out certificates that you submit collectively when you apply for a doctorate.

Can I have modules recognized that I have taken before starting my doctoral studies?

This is possible if the modules are for doctoral students (e.g. no master’s courses) that were taken AFTER completing the previous master’s degree and that are close to the doctoral degree. For all modules, please use our "Proof of module" or "Proof of conference" forms in the menu item Download for doctoral studies. Please note that you must subsequently obtain the lecturer's signature for the "Evidence of modules" form. The signature of the first supervisor of your doctorate is sufficient for the "Evidence of modules" form.